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Nowadays, the security and privacy of our computers and online accounts are always at the risk of being hijacked or hacked. Many times, illegal access to your computers or online accounts, no matter where, are done by hackers with the help of keyloggers. And the fact is that these keyloggers are really dangerous, and there is no real escape from them.

Keyloggers are basically malicious trackers hidden on your computer’s system files that makes a record of all the keys you press, while using your computer and then sends them anonymously to the hacker, thus giving these hackers easy access to your offline and online profiles as well.

There are two main types of keyloggers. The first one is Software keyloggers that enters your computer while you install some maliciously infected programs or software’s and run in the background as you run these programs or softwares. And the second one being hardware keylogger, which affects some external devices that you may end up connecting to your computer. The hardware keyloggers and software keyloggers both perform the same task, however hardware keyloggers are harder to detect that software keyloggers.

In such a scenario, comes the importance of anti-keyloggers. Anti-keyloggers, pretty much as the name suggests, helps you to remove keyloggers from your computer. Software keyloggers can be removed easily using anti-keyloggers, whereas for hardware keyloggers, you’ll need to manually scan external devices for keyloggers whenever you plug them into your computer.

And if you are in search of the best anti-keylogger application to protect your computer from keylogger infection, then today we  are here with a list of the top best anti-keylogger applications to protect your computer from such threats and hazards.

1. Zemana Antilogger:

If your sole need is for an antilogger rather than an overall protection from many of such threats, then the Zemana Antilogger might be largely enough to do the task. You pay $29.95 in purchasing the Full-version of this application, as the Free version tends to give quite less functionality. The paid version will give you advanced malware protection apart from the antikeylogger protection, for which you buy this software for. Unlike many of its competitors, Zemana Antilogger does not consume much of your system resources, even though it works always in your system background.

2.  SpyShelter Stop-logger:

SpyShelter stop-logger is a bit advanced version than the Zemana antilogger. Like the Zemana Antilogger, the SpyShelter anti-logger application is an underdog in the free version, however once you pay a sum of $24.95 and pick up the premium build, then you’ll be getting a well-optimized and a transparent antilogger. SpyShelter stop-logger lets you keep a track of all the activities that it has been doing in the background, within the app, which is quite a user friendly feature. While the free version only supports computer’s running 32-bit build, the premium version supports both builds- 32 and 64 bit as well.

3. NextGen Antikeylogger:

If you are looking for a simple and easy-t0-use anti-keylogger solution, then the NextGen Antikeylogger must be your pick. It doesn’t use an anti-virus database to build up your protection, like others, and still provides a top notch protection for your computer.

Final Words:

That was our top anti-keylogger applications that suits best for the purpose. Got any of your personal preferences?

Please do share them as comments below.

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