Continuing in its reign as the most successful game franchise of all time, this autumn sees the release of Call of Duty 10, with many rumors as to what time frame or story line it will use, the 10 year anniversary for this game will no doubt cause another top selling first person shooter. In direct competition to this Battlefield 4 has a set release date for October 31 2013, the competition will be close with Call of duty having the edge in terms of longevity, a loyal fan-base and above all public recognition, although Activision have been accused of overly cramped maps and of doing little other than throw out lazy sequel after sequel in an attempt to cash in ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s astronomic success. Battlefield on the other hand’s main criticism seems to be that it tries to hard to pander to the audience of COD, despite an online gaming that is brilliant in most places, with interaction with the environment on a level second to none as players are invited to shoot through walls if they suspect there may be an enemy sniper concealed behind, except for occasionally being let down by attempts to follow COD, the single player offline stories are also often criticized for being too short. Criticisms of previous games aside the new releases have all to play for, this not only being a duel between two of the great first person shooter franchises, it also represents Activision against EA, as two of the biggest gaming companies in the world this surely is a contest to keep an eye on, with EA proving that, despite their most famous games being all sport based, in particular the FIFA Franchise, they are still more than capable of creating an exceptional war game.

call of duty
Ever since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the COD franchise has been the biggest first person shooter on the planet, Battlefield may have their work cut out against these titans

Who will triumph is unclear, but whether you buy COD, Battlefield or even both, immersed in stunning sound using decent subwoofers for a surround sound experience, shouting to your comrades through your head thumping  cordless headphones you can be sure that these games are set to be two of the top selling games of the year.

Exciting images shown in the run up to Battlefield 4’s autumn release show EA’s ambition to take on Activision in this battle of the first person shooters
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