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The school classroom experience is not just about pen and paper anymore — computers and tablets have changed all that. And wait until we let the robots take over. It might happen sooner rather than later, if a startup called RobotsLab has its way.

The company, which is the educational division of RobotAppStore, has launched a toolbox, simply called “RobotsLab BOX” to be used in classrooms.

Inside the Box (it really is just called “the Box”) you’ll find an AR Drone, a Sphero robotic ball, a Mobot two-wheeled modular robot vehicle, and an Armbot robotic arm. To control them all, you also get a tablet. By itself, this wouldn’t be that interesting, but what makes the Box valuable is that it’s got everything on it that someone who’s not a robotics expert needs to teach a classroom of 7th to 12th graders something that they might actually remember. There are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to get the robots to not crash and/or blow up, comprehensive lesson plans, and even quizzes. You get 50 different individual lessons, plus an option for 30 more.

Here’s what the RobotsLab people have to say about this:

Robots are used to expose scientific principles providing a bridge between the abstract topics and the real world. Students will have to practice equation solving skills, understanding of physical forces and scientific investigation thinking in order to solve the quizzes. Each robot included in the box was carefully chosen by our team because of its ability to demonstrate the scientific principles, its ease of operation and its durability.

The idea is to use the bots to teach kids in 7th to 12th grade geometry, algebra or physics — in a fun way.

“Students are much more engaged and excited when seeing abstract subjects, like Algebra, coming to life using robots,” said Elad Inbar, CEO of RobotsLab in a press release.

The standard version of the box will cost $3,500. But there’s also a deluxe version, with more lessons and an extended warranty for $3,999.

To learn more about this box full of robots, watch the video above. And, as a bonus, watch the video below to see a NAO Robot explain what’s inside the box.

Source: RobotsLab

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