Wahoo Fitness' RFLKT

The RFLKT is an all-new way of integrating your iPhone’s functionality into your riding without having to mount your smartphone precariously on a handlebar. The computer gets its name from its ability to ‘reflect’ data, using Bluetooth to transmit and display cycling app data from an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

The device can be used to show regular computer functions such as heart rate, speed, cadence and more. It even allows for playback functionality from your iPhone’s music collection.

The RFLKT’s compact LCD head unit transmits information through a customisable interface, while physical buttons on the sides of the unit can be used to control functions such as toggling through different pages.

The computer is small and can be mounted on the stem or bar. It’s also coin cell operated, so requires no recharging – Wahoo Fitness even claim a battery life of more than one year.

Wahoo Fitness is selling the RFLKT online for $129.99 and is the device is open so that it could be used with practically any cycling app — Wahoo has its own, of course. That’s great, but it will depend on third-party developers to add RFLKT support for their app so if you use different exercise tracking software title now, you may have to wait a bit and hope that your favorite app supports this new gadget.

Source: Wahoo Fitness

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