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5 Amazing Gadgets That Will Make Your Wallet Cry

Attention super-geeks and gadget freaks! We’re living in an exciting time for technology, and advances are moving as fast as a comet headed straight for your bottom line. There are some awesome pieces of tech on the horizon, and they’re guaranteed to amaze you, not to mention tempt you into draining your bank account to keep pace. Here are a few of the most interesting gadgets poised to take the market by storm.

Google Glass

Let’s get the big one out of the way: Google’s Project Glass promises to be the biggest thing to happen to mobile technology since the invention of the smartphone. This wearable smart device sounds like something straight out of science fiction, but its test market assures speculative-minded folks everywhere that it’s the real deal. With all the functionality of a mobile device but with a totally hands-free interface, Google Glass is augmented reality brought to life. This beauty will set you back $1,500.

2. CubeX

Speaking of taking the “fiction” out of science fiction, 3D Systems is getting the world excited for its largest, most versatile desktop 3D printer. The CubeX prints 3D objects in two different kinds of plastic in up to three colors. It’s got a four-figure price tag, but if you use it right, you may never have to buy an everyday item again. 3D printers are the future of function and this is a big step in the practical direction.

3. PaperTab

It’s a tablet and e-reader that’s thin and flexible like paper. How cool is that? When PaperTab hits the market, it’ll be the biggest thing since sliced bread for students and business professionals. It’ll be capable of word processing documents, creating and sharing PDFs, and even watching video. PaperTab will also have the ever-more-popular “tap” feature that lets users share files just by tapping their devices together. Now the only question is whether it’ll have soft edges to avoid PaperTab-cuts.

4. Mobile High-End Gaming

There are two pieces of tech in the works that are designed to make high-end PC gaming totally mobile. The tablet-style Razer Edge is a Windows 8 device optimized for gaming, so it boasts a big screen and functionality beyond gaming, though serious gamers will want to invest in a USB controller to avoid clunky touch controls. That’s not an issue with the Nvidia Project Shield. It has a smaller screen than the Razer Edge but it has a comfortable, built-in controller. Both of these devices connect through Wi-Fi, so if you’re interested and want uninterrupted play, it may be time to find a new Internet Service Provider. You should check for a full list of ISP’s near you.

5. Pebble

This freeing device is a watch-style mobile unit that connects to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth and provides alerts about calls and messages. Pebble also has a wide variety of apps in development to take advantage of everything from GPS to MP3 functions. Oh, and it also tells time. Remember when that’s all a watch could do?

The world is getting more interesting every day thanks to this ongoing tech explosion. Gadgets may be an expensive habit, but with stuff this awesome, it totally feels worth it.

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