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6 Techtastic Apps & Online Resources to Help You Pass Your Theory Test

The modern learner driver is lucky to be blessed with an infinite number of resources right at their fingertips. From traditional books, to apps, online resources and official theory test software, the world is your oyster when studying for your driving theory test.

But filtering through the endless options can be a little overwhelming. Here’s 6 top techtastic apps and online resources to help you get started with your revision and practice.

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1. Hazard Perception Test Free App

Available from Focus Multimedia for Android and iPhone, this free Hazard Perception app allows you to prepare for the second half of your theory test on the move. With practice clips and feedback on your score, you can improve your hazard perception skills with ease. Suitable for car drivers, motorcyclists, LGV and PCV drivers, it’s a versatile app. And who doesn’t love a freebie?

2. Online Mock Theory Test 

Get an accurate gauge to know whether or not you’re ready to take your theory test with the Gov.UK mock theory test. With 50 questions based on the real thing, you should take this practice test regularly in the run up to your theory test to identify where you need to improve and find out when you are ready for the real thing.

3. Driving Theory Test App

Practicing your driving theory test is essential, but if there are just a few areas that you need to focus on it can be frustrating have to take the entire mock theory test again and again. This intelligent app logs your weak spots and focuses your future practice questions to strengthen your knowledge in these areas. Again, this is available on both Android and iPhone from Deep River Development. What’s more, it even works offline for when you’re off the grid and want to revise.

4. The Highway Code

Sometimes you just need to look up that fact, figure or regulation to double check that you got it right. But who wants to carry a bulky theory book with them wherever they go? Instead, bookmark the link to the Gov.UK Highway Code on your laptop, tablet or phone for easy reference when you need it. With the categories broken down into simple links, it’s quick to navigate and has everything you need to learn your Highway Code for your theory test.

5. Coach Memory! Brain Training

Brain training can really boost your ability to learn and retain information, so download an app that can brush up your memory skills whilst studying for your theory test. Dedicate 10-15 minutes every morning to the brain workout games on the app and notice the difference when you apply this to the Highway Code. This free app is available on the Google Play store, however you’ll find heaps of other brain training games across the app stores if you have a device such as an iPhone.

6. UK Driving Theory Test

A sophisticated study app for your driving theory test, this tool will empower your revision by allowing you to customise your learning. Prepare by topics and watch your progress meter grow as you gradually ace each section. Get detailed results and over 900 questions to help you master driving theory. Available for Android and iPhone from Webrich Software, this app isn’t free, but at pound;1.99 it offers great value for money.

The beauty of online resources and apps is that you can take them with you wherever you go and they also work great in combination with other learning tools such as books and software. Put the entire Highway Code and mock theory tests inside your pocket to access anytime, anywhere, and have the ability to study your way. So download or bookmark a few of these techtastic resources. And with the right amount of preparation, you should have your theory test certificate in no time!


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