Do anything with a Hard Drive using EaseUS Partition Master

On a typical personal computer setup, the hard drive is the computer’s primary storage device. All the system files and user’s personal data are stored on that drive. There could be other storage devices as well, like a solid state drive. Whatever it is, partition software is absolutely required to shape up a hard disk drive before it is ready for use. A partition manager can format a drive into a specific format, it can define the partition table, resize and define the drives and also erase it all. EaseUSParitionMaster is a partition utility that can do all of these and there are some added features as well, for a reasonable price tag.

EaseUS Partition Master comes in both free and paid versions. The free version is pretty much alright for almost every hard drive based tasks like resizing a drive or erasing it, merging it to another drive. Also, migrating between hard drives, copying an entire disk to another one, changing the label on the drive, performing scan disk operation, disk defragment etc. is under the free version’s reach.

However, the premium upgrade can do some advanced level tasks. EaseUS Partition Master has several paid versions; they can perform tasks like resizing dynamic volumes which is an advanced task.

Wizard Based Operations
The wizards come extremely handy and useful when a user needs to migrate a hard drive to another new bigger capacity hard drive, or maybe when migrating to a new SSD. Wizard operations guide the user through a set of functionalities and let the users choose their convenient option, conveniently. Wizards feature is available on the free version; and it’s very much friendly towards the latest technology HDD and SSDs.

Data Backup and Restore Feature
Each computer is full of personal or enterprise data and they need a protected environment for security. However, errors can occur on a machine anytime and storages could go wrong as well. A partition might get erased, or the data inside it could just get corrupted. As additional features, the EaseUS Partition Master could backup the data stored on a drive and restore them as well. Maybe perform some data recovery operation too, but EaseUS Data Recovery is the particular program for that developed by the same company.

How easy is using the Software?
Speaking of ease of use, the EaseUS Partition Manager software is absolutely user friendly. But there is lack of processes that guides the user through an operation. Even the wizard mode lacks plenty of guidelines, but the few available ones are very helpful. On the left pane there’s a taskbar which shows all the features can help the users get an idea as well.

Customer Support
The customer support for the software is little. There is no email, chat or phones based support which might feel a little bit underserved given that you pay a good amount of money for the paid versions. However, the user manual helps.

Overall, the software is very functional. For advanced users, this won’t be much difficult. For beginners though, lack of guidelines or customer support might get tad bit difficult.

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