eBook Piracy

E-book Piracy – The unknown devil in your business!

Organisations engage efficient team of employees for designing, drafting, marketing and selling of the e-books but all these would be in vain if proper measures are not taken to stop the piracy of the same. Now a days every new venture fears the piracy and cheap copies being circulated in the market. If proper security measures are not administered then the entire research and development outcome gets copied and is circulated in the market through cheaper sources. This problem is prevalent with e-books as well and the pirated e-books would pose highly negative impact on your marketing and selling measures.

Pirating e-books may not require high-end hacking skills as it can be done just in few seconds from internet. About 29% of the readers opting for e-book have admitted that they use the pirated versions and that may pose problem for the e-book publishers. Research has also stated that about 36% of downloads on tablets are illegal and are from unauthorized sources. The exponential rise in e-book piracy has made the e-book security crucial for the organisations and publishing houses around the world.

How to stop e-book piracy?

The piracy problem in e-books have been recognised by now and the security experts have started offering the effective solutions to overcome this issue. Some assured security solutions against e-book piracy are discussed here.

  • Get the e-book watermarked – This is the latest buzz in the e-book industry. The publishers are now getting their e-books watermarked. The watermark is not visible and the one who is downloading it would not be able to know about the watermark. The publishing house would be easily able to track the pirate with the help of this watermark. The best thing about this mark is that it cannot be removed or seen and the culprit can be easily traced through legal route.
  • PDF DRM – The e-books can be published and sold through secured PDF DRM systems. The stores selling the e-books can also opt for the PDR DRM system that won’t allow the unlawful downloads. Though this system ensures the complete security to the online publishers, there are also instances where the users may come up with various DRM removal techniques. Hence, go for the trusted source of PDF DRM that will allow only the authenticated users to download the book.
  • Check Leakage at all levels – The data may get leaked at any level from drafting, printing, to publishing. When you are outsourcing the writing services for your e-book, make sure that you do it only from the trusted sources as this will check any sort of data leakage at the designing and drafting stage. Later on, at every stage of outsourcing, you may ensure the same so that you can check the data leakage at all levels.

Addressing e-book piracy legally

If the above security methods have not secured your e-book against piracy then you can take the legal route to stop it. The watermark technique would support you on this legal route by tracing the path to the culprit.

Secure the e-books against piracy and enjoy the full share of your success. The latest security systems would not allow the pirates to grab your hard earned success just by copying your work.

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