Energy Efficient Windows

Do Energy Efficient Windows Reduce Pollution?

Energy Efficient Windows

In modern society, pollution is everywhere. It is estimated that the average American home releases 150 tons of carbon dioxide into the environment. And the accumulation of such gases only increases the greenhouse effect, which harms the o-zone layer and slowly warm up our planet.
With the effects of pollution and global warming apparent, we are now pressured to reduce the effects by cutting down on our consumption. Fortunately, we can make a difference by making small differences in the ways we live. One of them is to buy replacement windows for your home, specifically those that are energy efficient. The use of specially insulated windows helps reduce our energy consumption and hence reduce the amount of pollution we let into the environment.

Energy Efficient Windows and Energy Conservation
Perhaps the most natural question concerning energy efficient windows is their effectiveness. What makes them different from regular windows so that they help homeowners conserve energy? Well, a lot of things. They are covered with a frame, which is usually made out of materials such as aluminum or vinyl. The extra coating made from insulating materials make it so that they block sun rays in the summer, keeping cool air in, and absorb the lower sun-rays in the winter, allowing the energy to be transferred into heat. As a result, you, as a homeowner, will not need to raise your thermostat in the wintry months or feel compelled to turn your air conditioning on high in the summer. Your monthly bills will show this, too!

Energy Efficient Windows and the Environment
Energy Efficient windows, in broader terms, help preserve our environment. Since they insulate heat and cool air, you will not have crank your AC or heat to as high as a setting as you may have had to before. Because of this, you are using less energy, so that less toxic gases become released into the o-zone. And, clearly, less toxic gases means less pollution.
Installing energy efficient windows is yet another way that you can lower your carbon print, a measure of how much carbon dioxide you let into the environment through transportation, dining, and so forth. Unsurprisingly, home energy use has shown to constitute the greatest amount of our carbon prints. Such findings only prove to us the true amount of harmful gases we release into the environment in order to operate our homes. However, making small adjustments to our homes, such as installing energy efficient windows, can make a huge difference in the amount of released greenhouse gases.
Other Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows
While the benefits of installing Energy-Efficient Windows to lower your bill and to help the environment are more clear, there are other pros of such windows that many homeowners overlook. They not only insulate heat and cool air, but also external sounds. The extra layer of padding on energy efficient windows helps block outside sounds. If you happen to live in an urban area with lots of disruptive noises, installing these windows will come with an added plus.
The use of energy efficient windows will also keep your valuables safe. Often, items such as furniture, drapes, and photos become damaged because of constant exposure to the sun. This damaging exposure can be aided somewhat by the use of windows that deflect light-waves, leaving your treasured items preserved.


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