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Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Home

Facebook Home

People have been going gaga about Facebook. Almost everyone now has an account on Facebook to connect and share updates. Since it’s dubbed as the big thing after Google in regard to social media on the digital web, Facebook has to continuously produce innovations to keep its users hooked. There are rumors about the Facebook mobile, operating system, policies and the ever-changing interface. In this article, we will talk about the latest release of the Facebook home on Android.

Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook Home

Facebook Home

1.       “Best Quality Experience for Connecting with Friends”

Actually, it’s not only friends that Facebook connect but also lost family members and long-lost associates. Unlike before, with the new Facebook home, you can check interactive information and post immediately with less hassle on the home screen. This interface is especially helpful if you’re on who constantly checks your phone every other minute. So it would be the first screen you will look at. Experience Facebook Home and stay updated with every picture or photo album uploaded by your friends, their links and statuses without having to perform extra configurations and settings on your phone to launch the Facebook app.

2.       Integrated Messaging

Facebook Home Chat

Facebook Home has integrated the chats, hence users are not required to install any more separate apps to send messages via Facebook mobile. There is also no need to do multi-tasking and switching between apps since this feature is already part of the home screen. The Chat Head not only places the messages streaming on the Cover Feed of Facebook but also the SMS you receive, so you can view them as they come in simultaneously. With a swipe, you can ignore or delete the message; with a tap, you can respond to the conversation (either private individual or group). To close the Chat Head, you can move the screen of the UI around or tap on it once again.

3.       App Launcher

Facebook App Launcher

It’s not that Facebook is the only thing that your phone is made to function for. You can still access the same apps as before by only tapping on your profile photo on Facebook mobile. This will launch over the Cover Feed and let you use, launch or organize other applications. An additional credit is that you don’t need to leave the Home and you can still see the Facebook updates streaming when you close those other apps.

4.       Design Around People

The concept of mobile phones is for people or a group of people to stay connected even when they are thousand miles away from each other. However, now we see mobile phone interfaces full of apps and users are compelled to choose apps and launch them to connect with peers. With the Facebook Home, Zuckerberg explained that mobile should be mostly around people—and that is where Facebook comes in to always push notifications and messages on the home page splashed on full screen. All other apps are built-in with the service. So there’s no escape as Facebook will keep you glued in. Android as a platform thus will be a whole new Facebook fever!

5.       Like a Smartphone OS

Zuckerberg did not envision Facebook as an operating system. Rather, he wants it to be something even bigger but simpler. In contrast with  Microsoft, Google, and Apple which are technology giants that offer OS and phones (hardware device) to users, Facebook entered the competition with the Facebook Home. With this software, the chosen and compatible Android phones will be tapped to become a “Facebook device,” taking over the entire phone.

Wrap Up

This jump of Facebook inevitably is like forcing people to use Facebook all the time. Is it turning users to be some form of addicts who cannot live without Facebook? Is this boon or bane? You decide. For those who have already built this relationship with Facebook, the new Facebook home might sound really great. Otherwise for the rest, this social networking site might have gone way too far as it overpowers everyone to see its brand whenever they use their mobile phone operating on Android.

While the Facebook Home is already optimized to work with newer smart phones such as HTC One and One X, Android users can soon access the program by downloading it from the Google Play market. Without any cost, users can try it on April 12, 2013. Later, Facebook home is planned to spread out to tablets and other mobile phone units like Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4 and Note II.

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