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Facebook Adds Professional Skills Section to User Profile Resembling LinkedIn

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Facebook has been adding new features continuously to user profile for better experience of the user. Today Facebook quietly added a new feature to user profile called “Professional Skills”; putting an accelerator towards online job search market. This feature looks like Xerox of the professional social networking site “LinkedIn”.

You can access this feature in ‘About section’ under the Work and Education part, where you can add more than one skills.

Facebook Professional Skills

It is beneficial for users as by filling in their professional skills, they are able to get connected to people who are looking to hire someone with particular skills. If anyone runs a query for a particular skill using Graph Search, your profile would be shown to him provided that particular skill is added to you profile.

Facebook hasn’t announced about this feature officially and it not clear as to when will this announced will made

Source: Sociobits Via: Thenextweb

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