Facebook May Soon Add Hashtags Functionallity, Says WSJ


Now Twitter’s iconic hashtag could be taking flight and it may start appering on Facebook, the all Street Jounal Reported. The move to start taking advantage of the hashtag, a symbol that users re starting to recognize across the web, could help Facebook build on the idea of organizing content by topic and give advertisers new opportunities.

Popularized on Twitter, the hashtag has become synonymous with social media. Google+ and even Instagram, the photo-sharing service Facebook acquired last year, have the hashtag function on their networks.

“It is unclear how far along Facebook’s work on the hashtag is and the feature isn’t being introduced imminently,” the Journal’s sources said. While Facebook already lets you tag people sing the person’s name, the @ symbol, or a + symbol, hashtags could go one step further in letting users tag topics as well.

Hashtags are useful shortcuts, but all the companies that use them also make their networks searchable by keywords. Facebook is clearly trying to up its game in search with the introduction of Graph Search, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the social network finally added hashtags to better organize content.

Source: WSJ

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