Finally iTune Store comes to India and offer Bollywood movie and Indian music

Apple today announced the launch of the iTunes Store in India and a number of other countries.

Apple subsequently announced the iTunes Store has launched in a total of 56 countries today, taking the total in 119. Movie content has been made available in India, Indonesia, Russia and Turkey.

Music is available in India for 7-15 rupees ($0.13) and albums from 70 rupees ($1.28). In Indonesia, Daily Social reports that music and content is equally cheaper than the US, where tracks cost upwards of $0.99.

In addition to local Indian content, Indian users can also buy international movies and music from the iTunes Store. The Indian movies and music collection on iTunes is currently limited and it is expected that Apple will widen its offering soon.

Customers also have access to the revolutionary App Store? with more than 700,000 apps available in 155 countries.

Although officially launched in India, Indian consumers here are still waiting for iPhone5, the latest iteration of the device, millions of which have already been sold in the US. Because the sales volumes have not been big, India has not been a priority market for Apple, whcih does not have any of its own stores in a country that has nearly a billion mobile users.

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