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Travelers now have a free online tool to measure distance between two locations, including in Europe. This free tool, known as a straight-line distance calculator, were once what consisted of a flat paper map and the side of a blank sheet of paper. Now travelers and students, too, can enter the 21stcentury. Gone are the days of inaccurate measurements due to faulty measurement devices or distracted children.

Online straight-line distance calculators easily and accurately measure distance between two locales “as the crow flies.” This means that the measurements are for literal straight-line distance, and not how a human would actually travel from point a to point b. Instead, such calculators, like, show “air travel” distance as though one were a bird.

Using online straight-line distance calculators, like, can help the geography learners better understand how big a continent is or the size of a country. Whether a traveler planning out the epic adventure or the student reinforcing the geography lesson, using such a calculator becomes invaluable. Online free calculators, like the one at, offer an “as the crow flies” distance between any two locations. While this is not relative to actual human travel, it does offer a deeper comprehension of where a country is in comparison to other countries or even other continents.

Here is an example. Pretend that a student has read a history story that involved Dublin, Ireland and Manchester, England. Since this student is from another country, he or she may not have a clear understanding regarding distance or geography. Said student can go to the website and plug in Dublin, Ireland for the 1st location and Manchester, England for the 2nd location.  After hitting “search,” distance is provided in kilometers, miles, and sea miles. In this case, the distance is 267 kilometers, 166 miles, and 144.15 sea miles.

Another example might be that a traveler is seeking the general distance between Vitoria, Brazil, and the famous Rio de Janeiro.  The answer is provided in three different distances: 414 kilometers, 257 miles, or 223.18 sea miles. This beeline distance gives the traveler a sense of whether visiting both cities is possible at all.

A traveler will benefit from such information as well. If one were planning a visit to Europe, landing in Frankfurt, Germany, he or she might want to travel outside of the country. If said traveler has always wanted to visit Warsaw, Poland, the traveler can do as above and insert both cities with their countries. Be cautious to choose the right country! Once hitting “search,” the traveler will have a rough estimate of the distance: in this case, 785 kilometers or 488 miles. Even at a straight line, this might be a distance the traveler does not have time to complete. He or she may instead choose a closer location, such as Prague, Czech Republic.

Using online measurement tools are simple and free, yet can provide an invaluable understanding of the world around us. Travelers and students alike can all benefit from such easy distance tools.


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