First Full Promo For The Eagerly-Awaited The Wolverine

James Mangold’s The Wolverine is set to debut on July 26th, and the film’s first full trailer has now been released. This comes a few days after a six-second teaser was released over Vine, but the new trailer gives a clearer look at the conflict that appear to drive the movie — in an effort to ratchet up the stakes for a character who is essentially invincible.

The film sees Hugh Jackman reprising his most famous role, with James Mangold directing the  movie. And this first trailer straight away suggests that talk about The Wolverine distancing itself from X-Men Origins: Wolverine was not off the mark. We’ve been told lots of times that this is a standalone movie, and there’s certainly ample proof here.

So then: here it is. The first trailer for The Wolverine. And we remain, after seeing it, just
as upbeat about watching the movie.


Vivid Times

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