Five reasons the BMW X3 is perfect for work and family life


A car which you are planning to use for business needs to be cost-effective, comfortable, good to look at and drive, not to mention safe and reliable. Luckily, the BMW X3 definitely seems up to the task.


In order to make your boss happy, as well as your family, you need to know you’re getting a good deal. Although the BMW X3 is an SUV, Autocar states that it can “destroy the myth of [that type of vehicle] as gas guzzling monsters in one fell swoop”.

Instead, the publications states that the X3’s “economy and emissions are more akin to a family hatch”.

Mumsnet, the website which purports to be ‘by parents for parents’ rates its value-for-money credentials too.

Although it warns parents that it is not cheap, the 2.0-litre diesel engine “makes it one of the most economical 4x4s to run”.

There are also quite a few features included as standard. Those who choose to buy outright will get rear and front parking sensors, cruise control and leather seats included. In addition, you’ll have dual-zone climate control and automatic wipers and lights. If you choose to go down the route of BMW contract hire and lease you can choose which options make sense for you.


A car which has to be used for work and pleasure must be safe to drive. Luckily, the BMW X3 ticks all the boxes here too. It has side, curtain and front airbags, as well as stability control. Any parent will no doubt be reassured by the presence of Isofix child seat mounts, which come as standard.

The X3 received top marks in its Euro NCAP crash test when it was awarded with five stars, which will no doubt reassure bosses and families alike.


When you’re taking a company car out on the road, or indeed driving the family any distance, you want peace of mind that your vehicle’s going to get you to your destination without breaking down. The BMW X3 certainly passed the realibility test with Mumsnet readers.
Indeed, the parenting website is so sure of the car’s credentials that they suggest owners or those who choose to lease an X3 can “prepare to join the ranks of the satisfied BMW owners who laugh in the face of breakdown insurance”.


The BMW X3 can seat four adults comfortably, but if you have a larger family, there is the option for them to sit across the transmission tunnel. Mumsnet describes the 1600-litre boot as “vast” and states that the cabin is “luxuriously appointed”.

You will be able to impress family and clients alike with the iDrive system which controls all the primary functions in the car.

Autocar describes the cabin as “well screwed together and a nice place to sit”.


The people at Autocar are clearly impressed by the engine in the X3 3.0sd. It says that it offers “more power and torque than the equivalent 3.0i petrol” but all with a fuel consumption of just 32.5mpg. This makes is both quick and relatively cost-effective.

The six-speed automatic gear box with the 3.0sd version is described as providing “seamless transitions”.

So, if you’re after a quick, easy-to-drive, economical, comfortable SUV that drives like a car and performs well on safety tests, this could be the vehicle for you.

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