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Fuel Spill Bioremediation: Cleaning Up Fuel Spills with Technology

Fule Cleanup

Oil and fuel spills can cause massive harm to the environment and wildlife, and they are a major undertaking to cleanup. Whether fuel spills at sea or overland, companies charged with cleaning up face numerous challenges. Urgency to prevent or minimize environmental damage requires a prompt response. Meanwhile, containing costs also weighs heavily on companies and governments. One way that fuel spill remediation companies satisfy these conflicting demands is through the use of fuel spill bioremediation.

What is fuel spill bioremediation? Remediation is defined as “the action of remedying something, in particular of reversing or stopping environmental damage.” Bioremediation involves using natural processes to reverse or stop environmental damage. For example, did you know that microscopic organisms actually eat spilled fuel? What if you could encourage these microbes to do so after a fuel spill? What if you could encourage to do it faster and more efficiently? With fuel spill bioremediation, you can create a heavy duty degreaser without harmful chemicals.

Fuel spill bioremediation leverages naturally occurring microbial populations to speed the degradation of spilled fuel. Though various fuel spill bioremediation solutions exist, the concept centers on breaking down fuel into tiny particles. This gives microbes more surface area and smaller chunks of fuel to consume. In order to be effective and friendly to the environment, the dispersant process should be facilitated using plant-based materials rather than chemicals.

Once the fuel has been broken into small, water soluble particles, natural degradation processes take place. Microorganisms consume the fuel particles and reproduce rapidly. With a healthy, well fed population, the degradation process accelerates – and keep accelerating until the “food” is gone. End result: a cleaned up fuel spill with no harsh chemicals or heavy duty degreasers required.

Technology blends with bioscience to solve an urgent problem through the use of fuel spill bioremediation products.


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The author of this article, Blain Johnson, is a strong advovate in sustaining the environment and spends a lot of his time researching and developing eco-friendly solutions. Learn more about fuel spill bioremediation by E&B Green Solutions and other eco-friendly solutions on their YouTube channel.


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