earth day google doodle

Google Celebrating Earth Day 2013 With Interactive Animated Doodle

earth day google doodle

Every year Google celebrating Earth Day with its Doodle, this year Google make an interactive animated Doodle to celebrate Earth Day.

In this animated Earth Day Google Doodle continues in an unending loop moving from one day to another and from one season to the next. We can even see the moon in different phases.

Clicking on the clouds will produce snow in the winter and rain in the other seasons. Mousing over the logo will produce a gentle breeze that obliterates the G before nature allows it to regenerate.

Earth Day is held every year to highlight green issues with events being held around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

Earth Day was first celebrated in the US in 1970. The idea was the brainchild Gaylord Nelson, then a US Senator from Wisconsin. Nelson conceived the idea after witnessing the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California.

Inspired by the student movement that was going on at the time against the Vietnam war, Nelson dreamt of movement that would make people think about air and water pollution and force environmental protection onto the national political agenda.

A Doodler Leon Hong wrote “Today we are celebrating Earth Day with an interactive doodle that captures a slice of nature’s subtle wonders. We hope you enjoy discovering animals, controlling the weather, and observing the seasons. Use the sightseeing checklist below to make sure you do not miss anything!”

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