Google Is Looking To Bring All Its Communications Products Under Babble


Google is looking to combined its all communication services into a single product, which is expected to be called Babble, a new report says.

According to’s multiple “sources”, Google’s got a huge communication problem right now. If you take a look at all of their services, you’ll find a series of communications platforms that don’t interact with each other very well, if at all. Google Talk, Hangout, Voice, Messenger, Chat for Drive collaboration, and the pseudo Google Talk for G+ all function just a little differently from one another. The only two to really function together are Google Talk for Gmail and G+, but ask anyone using the two systems and you’ll hear just how bad things are right now.

Although Babble would be a boon to Google users, other services, such as Skype or AOL’s AIM, probably won’t get to share the love. As Geek notes, Google has been moving toward building its own closed communications platform, walling off other services that don’t use the same open-chat platform (called XMPP). However, the report says Babble will have notably good quality and performance.

When will Babble be officially unveiled? That would be at the Google I/O developer’s conference in May, Geek says, which makes a great deal of sense. That will also likely be when Google shows off the new version of Android “Key Lime Pie.”

When asked to comment, a Google spokesperson declined to speculate on rumors.

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