Google Now: Information When You Need It


Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant.  It is available for Google’s Android OS. It can be seen as an extension of Google’s Search application. A Natural Language User Interface is used by Google Now to make recommendations and answer questions. In addition it delegates requests to a bunch of web services and performs actions based on these. It also answers user-initiated queries.

Personalized Information Delivery

In addition information is delivered to users based on what they may want. This is predicted based on their search habits. Google Now was introduced via Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean. It was supported for the first time on the Galaxy Nexus. It was named “Innovation of the Year” for 2012 by Popular Science.

Information When You Need It

Google Now gets you information when you need it. It will let you know today’s weather at the start of the day.  You can also know your favorite teams score as they play, the arrival time of the next train as you wait at the platform and how much traffic to expect as you leave for work.  This all happens automatically. At the precise moment you need them, cards appear on your mobile with information you need.

It’s Simple

All you need to do is swipe up and you have the latest information at your fingertips. Cards appear when they are most wanted. They organize things you need to know. This sets you free to focus on important things.  Google Now keeps you in control. You can control which cards you see. The service offers 25 cards with more in the offing.


Get In Control

Be in control of your life with knowledge on how to get where you need to go and what you need to do. The activity summary lets you see how far you have walked or cycled in the past month. Google Now manages you appointments with Next Appointment. Google Now also checks traffic to determine arrival time and can also notify you on when to leave.

The Weather card shows you current weather based on your work and location. If you are travelling it will show you weather at your destination. Google now lets you know traffic stats with alternate routes and traffic conditions at your disposal. Flights gives you traffic information to the airport and real time flight status.

Hotels gives you instant navigation to your hotel when you land in a new city. Get a reminder on when to leave for a restaurant based on live information on traffic. If you purchased a ticket for an event get reminders for it. Packages allows you to know when your online orders ship. Friends Birthdays much like its name reminds you of when friend’s birthdays happen so that you can wish them on Google Plus. Your Birthday allows you to celebrate your birthday in seconds of your age.

Stay Updated

Keep updated on your favorite sports with Google Now. Get movie information on the latest movies airing at nearby cinema houses.  Get data on musical concert by famous musicians. Get real time data on stocks. Public Alerts give you emergency information. Developing Story and Breaking News gives you the latest dope on the news. Research Topic helps you research data.

Google Now vs Siri (Google on iOS?)

Google Now is similar to Apple’s Siri. Rumors suggest that it may be made available on iOS. It may be just that Google is waiting for Apple to approve Google Now on the Apple store. Whether it is available on iOS or just on the Android platform Google Now works great on the 4G clear internet service.

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