How to Improve a Facebook Cover Photo for a College

Everyone is thinking about how to improve their Facebook cover photos these days, whether they are businesses or individuals. They have realised that they are the largest and best-located block of content on a Facebook timeline page. As a result, a lot of thought needs to go into how to get the most out of a Facebook cover page. In addition, one must make sure that the design is professional and everything looks like it’s been properly produced. This may mean using a professional photographer and graphic designer if you are unable to get a high enough level of quality on your own. It can make the difference between making a great first impression or a terrible one, so it is worth the effort and money.

Highlight Students

One of the best equivalents of showcasing a product being used by a happy customer is to showcase the achievements that students make. This could be through competition, or through graduation and other ceremonies. There are a lot of opportunities that provide for awesome photographs, such as students throwing their caps in the air or writing messages on their caps to be read by those attending graduation. Whether you opt to use a close-up of an individual message or a wide shot of an entire graduating class, it’s a great way to show the great accomplishments that can be made at your university. When people click on your Facebook timeline, the cover photo will be the first thing they say. In this instance, by highlight students, you are also promoting the value of an education at your university. Finally, you’re showing happy people who are enjoying success, and that’s never a bad thing to highlight either.

Keep Alumni in Mind

Sometimes a cover photo is a great way to highlight some of your famous alumni, whether they are athletes, celebrities, politicians or business leaders. Regardless, if they are recognisable, they are a great way to promote your university through a cover photo. It sends a quick, obvious message that your university offers a quality education that helped others to be successful. It makes people think that if they attend your university, they can achieve similar levels of success in their field.

Highlight Anniversaries

When your university celebrates a milestone anniversary, you can highlight it on your cover photo. It provides you an opportunity to showcase the history of your school and to also remind people that you’ve been around for awhile and have a track record of success.

Do Some Branding

Think about what you want people to think of when they think of your school. Do you have an advertising campaign or a motto? If so, you can use your Facebook timeline cover photo as some prime real estate to attach that branding to your school name in the minds of a lot of people.

Get Plenty of Good Photos

Try to have your campus photographed in each of the four seasons on a nice day, so that you will have a good variety of photos to draw upon as you make cover photos for your Facebook timeline. This will allow you to have some variety and mix it up while keeping it seasonal. It can also enable you to get a lot of the work done at once, in order to continually rotate your cover photo with minimal hassle.

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