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Incipio Wows Us Again With Their Q10 Accessories

Blackberry  Accessories

The Blackberry Q10 will be blazing into the phone market this month and we’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival. We’ve been looking at some of the new accessories that companies have been putting out before the phone hits stores and we’ve been particularly excited about the new cases.

Our favorite case has been, hands down, the Incipio Feather case for the Blackberry Q10. We loved it on the Bold 9900 and it looks like it will be another excellent companion for the Q10. Like its 9900 predecessor, it’s super lightweight, weighing in at a mere 0.5 ounces, so there’s no extra bulk to this baby. You have the protection you need from scratches and bumps while keeping the sleek silhouette of the Q10.

You just need to snap it on and it’s good to go. Its classic look will catch the eye of anyone. The case comes in a variety of colors, though my personal favorite at the moment is the beautiful robin’s egg blue. Incipio never fails to bring on the goods with their Blackberry cases.

You’ll always have full access to your touch screen, so you don’t need to worry about cumbersome bumpers and cases that make it difficult to access. The Feather is so low-profile that it’s not evens an issue. Its solid poly-carbonate shell only goes around the sides and back making sure not to interfere with your screen time.

Incipio will be bringing out other cases for the Q10 including the Frequency, a textured case with the musically-inclined person in mind; the DualPro Hard Shell case for extra protection and styling good looks; the DualPro Shine with added protection and brushed aluminum casing; and the Feather shine which will be the brushed aluminum version of the Feather.

In all, we’ve been really impressed with the Blackberry Q10 line by cases Incipio thus far. They wooed us in the past with their line for the 9900 and we’ve liked what we’ve seen with the Q10 products. Their products are affordable and well-made so you can be sure that you’re getting a great product for a great price. Here’s hoping they keep up the steady quality and bring us more goodies in the future.

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