Why the iPhone 5C is the Perfect Phone for Your Teenage Son or Daughter


If you are thinking about buying a new phone for your child, the Apple iPhone 5C is a really great product to consider. While iPhones have been around for years, and were the frontrunners in the smartphone revolution, Apple products are not known for their affordability, and most parents tended to opt for cheaper Android options for their teenage kids. This year, however, Apple introduced their first ever ‘entry level’ phone handset, and there are a lot of things about it that will make it appealing to teens and parents alike.

While the 5C is cheaper than any previous new iPhones, it still isn’t what you might call a ‘budget’ handset, and is still a significant purchase for a parent to make. It does, however, offer a lot of advantages your son or daughter will love, as well as being less expensive than the flagship iPhone 5S or another top end model like a Samsung Galaxy.

All the Benefits of iOS 7

While there was a lot to be said for the last generation of iPhone, when Apple introduced the latest operating system, iOS 7, they really innovated the iPhone and iPad lines. The iOS 7 operating system will run on older iPhones and iPads, but comes as standard on the 5C and you can really tell that the hardware and software were designed to work in harmony.  With iOS 7, your child can run all kinds of games and apps, from stuff that will help them with their schoolwork through to fun things that will help them stay in touch with friends or stave off boredom. There are also some significant security improvements over previous Apple mobile operating systems, which will mean that in the event the new phone you bought for your son or daughter gets stolen, their data will not be compromised and the thieves won’t be able to wipe and resell the iPhone.

Fantastic Styling

One thing that Apple have always done well is make the products everybody wants to be seen with, and while the iPhone 5C has been designed to have a more ‘cheap and cheerful’ plastic case than the aluminium body we are used to seeing on iPhone devices, it is still a very attractive handset. In the past, iPhones only came in black, white or silver, yet the 5C comes in blue, pink, green, yellow and white – the first iPhone to offer such a range of colours. This is something that may be new to iPhones but certainly isn’t new to Apple. Mac computers and iPods have come in a range of trendy colours for years. The fact that colours have been applied to the new, cheaper iPhone model, however, clearly demonstrates that they are trying to appeal to the youth market and people who want their phones to be a fashion statement as well as a tool. You can choose a colour that really suits your teenage son or daughter and lets them reflect their identity with their phone, rather than having to personalise their device with a third party accessory like an iPhone case.

Great Functionality

As well as looking amazing, the iPhone 5C offers great value for money in terms of what it can do. With a tariff offering unlimited data (which most networks offer for iPhone customers), your son or daughter can keep in touch with you when they are out and about via voice, text and other services like Facebook and Twitter, and they can also use their phone to download and read books for school or college. The iPhone App Store is very highly vetted, so they are unlikely to get any inappropriate digital products, but they will be able to find a lot of useful and fun apps they can install. The iPhone 5C has a voice activated digital assistant, and loads of other free features that come as standard which make it really easy and enjoyable to use.

The Verdict

All in all, the iPhone 5C is a great handset for teens, and a really good one to buy if you are thinking about getting your teen a new phone for Christmas. However, while it is cheaper than previous iPhones, it is still quite an expensive product and so you should consider getting an insurance package to protect it when you buy one. A number of companies, such as Protect Your Bubble, offer insurance specifically designed for iPhone users, so it is well worth investigating the kind of policies on offer when you get your child their new phone. While the iPhone 5C does have good security features, it is still likely to be a big target for thieves so it is better to have it comprehensively insured than risk your child losing their device.

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