Iron Man 3 Trailer: The Mandarin versus the Iron Man


Director – Shane Black

Screenplay – Drew Pearce

Stars – James Badge Dale, William Sadler, Rebecca Hall, Jon Favreau, Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Ben Kingsley, Robert Downey Jr.

The latest movie – Iron Man 3 – reveals much of the recent adventure of Stark. Watch the trailer and you will know about the storyline of the adventurous effort made by Stark. This movie will on theaters from 3rd May 2013.

As you can see form the trailer, this movie will showcase some of the major actions and a much better story as compared to its previous sequel – Iron Man 2. This is a great motivator indeed to drag you to the theater hall.

This movie has shown how a small budget movie can create magic! To create movie magic, the film does not require to be in the Hollywood A-listers neither it has to be of a great budget. If you have imagination, you can create magical effect from any movie. The trailer of Iron Man 3 is showcased on YouTube in a magnificent style.

It is said that the flying suit of Tony Stark is made of cardboard but the question is – can you make out a difference of the suit? Just don’t answer this… All you should do is take a popcorn tub and just enjoy the trailer.

This movie portrays some of the latest technologies employed by Tony Stark for controlling his armor suit. What does the trailer show? It showcased battered Stark and his friend James. You will see two armors streaking in the sky followed by some other armors. The varieties of shape, color and size of the glowing suits add a flavor to the whole trailer.

The movie will confront you with a new thing – the smashing of a suit with the shipping container. As a result of this the steel barrels will be flying in air. The scene is just awesome! Rectangular lights flying in the blue sky.

Another technological update seen in the trailer apart from the suit of Tony is Tony himself. An armor is being controlled by using the mind – such is the height of technological development shown in this movie.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch the trailer and just wait for the splendid moment to come!

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