The Lone Ranger: What to Expect From This Summer Movie

Younger generations may not even be familiar with the characters The Lone Ranger and Tonto, but the new movie looks set to change that. The Lone Ranger first appeared in 1930’s radio shows, and moved to television in the 1950’s. This year’s big budget movie was thought by some to be a high risk attempt to bring a nostalgic series to the big screen, and time will tell if it takes off.

Westerns have received a mixed response from audiences in recent years. Django Unchained was a hit last year, but that was probably down to Quentin Tarantino’s involvement rather than the subject matter. Elements of science fiction and fantasy have been introduced into Westerns to make them appeal to younger audiences, such as the recent Cowboys and Aliens. Will Smith’s Wild Wild West failed to meet profit expectations and received a mixed response. The Lone Ranger has already received some criticism for having a confusing mix of comedy, horror and fantasy.

Jerry Bruckheimer’s track record has set expectations high for the 2013 version of The Lone Ranger. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been a huge success, and has certainly made pirate movies appeal to younger audiences. Although originally planned as a trilogy, a fifth instalment of The Pirates of the Caribbean begins shooting later this year. Disney must be hoping for a repeat of this success with the New Lone Ranger movie.

Armie Hammer takes the lead role as The Lone Ranger, but Jonny Depp is likely to steal the show in the movie. In spite of a poor response to the recent Dark Shadows, Depp is still one of Hollywood’s most popular stars. There has been some criticism of the script for The Lone Ranger, and even an actor of Depp’s ability may fail to delight audiences if there’s little good dialogue to work with.

Modern audiences expect long and explosive action scenes in summer blockbusters, and The Lone Ranger certainly delivers here. Early reviews from the critics have been quite poor, but that doesn’t mean audiences won’t love the movie. The same could be said for The Transformers movies and several other recent hits. The difference with The Lone Ranger is that younger viewers may not be able to connect with characters from a time they know little about. The nostalgia factor will work and parents and grandparents, but children may not buy into it.

With movies like Iron Man 3 and Man Of Steel released earlier in the year, The Lone Ranger certainly has some tough competition. Taking less than fifty million days in the first few days of opening, some critics are predicting it will be this year’s biggest cinema flop. The ingredients are all there for a great movie, and there’s no reason audiences won’t respond well and give Disney another success. Even if it doesn’t do well at the box office, The Lone Ranger will be popular when it hits the satellite channels. The homepage of this site offers current deals for various viewing services.

It may not be as popular as recent superhero movies, but The Lone Ranger has a lot to offer a family looking for an entertaining night out this summer.

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