Making the Most Out of Soccer Betting Tips


In the hilarious sitcom The IT Crowd, one of the nerdish lead characters attempts to be more manly by visiting a site called Bluffball, which allows him to bluff knowledge about recent football (or soccer, if you prefer) matches, complete with masculine jargon. While such a site could be handy for those who for whatever reason, need to fake a knowledge of the game and its key players, but for diehard fans, such a site would be entirely irrelevant, since they live and breath the game, and will happily spend an entire weekend glued to the TV set, watching even the most obscure of teams. Major games would be seared into such a fans head, and some fans might even want to make the game just that little more interesting by placing a wager or two. But are there any hard and fast rules that make it more likely to win when betting on the beautiful game?

No Shortage

There are no shortage of bookmakers, whether in an online environment or in the real world, who are willing to take your money and place a bet or your chosen team. The Internet is awash with online football gambling portals, but they can’t be accessed from all countries- so make sure it’s legal in whichever country you place the bet from- you would hate to win big and not be able to claim your cash.

Do Your Homework

While you might have your own sentimental favourites when it comes to teams, they might not be the best possible horse for this financial race. Don’t let emotions govern your betting choices- since a gut instinct isn’t so reliable under these circumstances. Who has been progressing well in the season and is likely to continue with this type of success? Of course, there are many others who will be doing similar research, and the winnings on such a favourite might not be especially high.

Start Simply

While it’s possible to place complex multi-faceted bets on football matches (as is the case with most sports), it’s also possible to place your early bets in a simple and straightforward manner. Most bookmakers will accept a simple bet on the halftime and end score of a given match, and this is a nice easy bet for novices. After your confidence grows, you can expand your repertoire and place money on aspects of the game such as proposition bets, like who will score the first goal (player and/or team) and when in the game this will occur.

Plenty of Opportunities

While there are small-scale games being played each day of the year, and you can certainly even place money on a little known Azerbaijani team, there are many larger scale fixtures that make the process far more interesting. The 2014 Fifa World Cup will take place across Brazil, and qualifying rounds take place up until November 2013, with countries such as Australia and South Korea already gaining entry. In early 2014, qualifying matches for the 2015/16 UEAFA Europa League will begin, which subsequently leads into the 2015 UEAFA Champions League.

While you might know the game and certainly know that David Beckham was once known for something else other than modelling underwear for H&M, but you might not know just how to get started in betting on the beautiful game. Not to worry, because it’s relatively simple to do, and with some amazing matches set to take place over the next months, it’s almost as exciting as being there.

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