Meal at your dootstep, Foodpanda make it easy


Is today one of those lazy days? Did you arrive from work and go directly to the sofa? Also, I guess you do not want to cook. Then, we have the solution for this, why do not ordering food online? Thanks to Foodpanda, it was never easier, either from a computer or a mobile device, thanks to their Android or iOS App, and soon, Windows application too. Lying down in your sofa, picking up your tablet or phone and placing an order, you will need to stand up just to open the door and take the food the delivery guy brings, and eat like crazy, because you were hungry, and enjoy!

Even on the way back home, if you have mobile internet, you can make an order to the time you think you are going to arrive home, because there is the possibility, a good innovation in my opinion, of making orders for a concrete hour, for example, create during the morning the order to have dinner at 20:00, it is great!

The process is the same through the website and through the App, it looks the same. You just need to write your location and choose the restaurant, filtered by cuisine, and also, you can see the delivery fee if exist, the delivery time and the minimum expense to have a delivery, which is a very important filter, which makes the choosing step easier. Then, you can place the order, and choose the payment method, cash on delivery or credit card or Citibank online, a method that we believe is completely trustful, thanks to the experience of previous customers that you can read on the comments tab in every restaurant menu.

Based in Berlin, Foodpanda is now present in 32 countries all around the world, and month after month expanding into new cities. Nowadays, Foodpanda has become the food delivery company present in more countries in the world, making it the most important corporation of their market niche.

If you take a look of their social channels, like Facebook or Twitter, many offers and discounts. Better to use them, in order to have a cheaper order, it’s always nice to try high quality food for not too much money.

After a deep analysis of the App and website, I could not find many issues that show me problems that make me not to order through Foodpanda, works good and there were no bugs. I could recommend the experience, and as I said before, check the social nets to find offers and promotions to save some money.

If any of you order, please, give us a comment below, and tell us how was the experience with Foodpanda, and enjoy a good meal!

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This article is written by Vivid Time Staff member.