Movie-Inspired Couple Costume Ideas for Halloween

Couple costumes don’t have to be the worn-out cliché they’re made out to be. If anything, the couple costume ideas on this list will prove the complete opposite! This Halloween grab your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend and make it a team effort, you’ll be the ones to beat in this year’s costume competition:

Danny and Sandy from Grease

A classic and iconic movie couple, Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee are not to be messed with. Get ready to strut your stuff in their big hair and leather get-ups, and remember to bring the attitude. You’ll be the ones everyone wants in this great couple costume idea.

Batman and Robin

Who other than Batman and Robin comes to mind for iconic superhero couple/pair? These two make a great couple costume idea; you’ll be the envy of everyone else at your Halloween party. Prepared to protect the city from evil? You’d better be!

Superman and Wonder-Woman

Another classic comic couple: Superman and Wonder Woman are the hottest heroes in history. These officially licensed costumes are perfect for your upcoming Halloween event, and unlike many other couple costumes, it’ll be tough to upstage the other one – both costumes are amazing!

Sully and Mike from Monsters Inc

Perhaps my favourite movie pairing ever, these two from Monsters Inc are sure to grab the attention of Halloween goers this year. The only tough bit will be deciding who wears which costume? We recommend a monster scare-off to pick who gets which. Happy scaring!

Homer and Marge Simpson

While they’re technically not a movie couple, The Simpsons make too good a couple costume idea to overlook. The look is of course not complete without a box of donuts, and saying “Doh!” at everything. Since practically everyone has grown up watching this show, this couple costume idea is a winner this Halloween!

Tarzan and Jane

Me Tarzan: You Jane. Get primitive this Halloween with Spirit Halloweens caveman costume and matching “Jane” outfit. Complete the look with a club and your very own Jane on your arm, you’ll be ready to party like its 100BC.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

You can’t get much cuter this Halloween than as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. These two are as iconic a pair as any on this list, and also have some of the best costumes! Don’t forget your fairy dust at home.

Gomez and Morticia Addams

This iconic couple are what Halloween is all about. Pair these two costumes together for a bewitching couple costume idea – the more gruesome the better. Happy Halloween!

Beauty and the Beast

Has there ever been a more charming movie couple than Beauty and the Beast? Now that it’s getting colder, find a big brown coat and accessorise with the help of Spirit Halloween to be the best Beast ever seen. Every Beast needs a Beauty, and indeed she will be in this costume.

Halloween is about having fun, so if you’re thinking about going in a couple this year the most important thing is to have fun with it – the possibilities are endless. Check out the Spirit Halloween site for more awesome couple ideas for Halloween, or get really creative with inspiration from the 25 best couples costume ideas ever. Who are you going as?

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This article is written by Vivid Time Staff member.