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How New Slots Give you more than The Chance to Win Cash

Are you playing to win or are you playing for fun?

Online slots are much more advanced than they were 10 years, months, or even weeks ago. They are video games in their own right.

You can get something remarkable from this developing generation of entertainment platforms, every time you sit down to play.

That’s the keyword – ‘play’.

Play: To engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

If we take this Oxford Dictionary definition of ‘play’ as law, then playing purely to win is impossible. Is that going too deep? Maybe.

Let’s get to the point…

A New Online Slot

IGT just transported its land-based gemstone, Golden Goddess, to the online gaming arena.

If the developers have managed to transfer GG’s Vegas mojo into its digital chapter, then you’ll be hearing a lot more about this game in 2013. The land-based version claimed the IGT Game of the Year award in 2011.

Just one look at its interface and you can see the graphics are a far cry from the grainy games of 2001. From the rosebushes at your feet, to the sunlit temple in the sky – the artwork on display gives you a cinematic experience from the start.

Couple that with the dramatic soundtrack and you’ve got a well-rounded theme in which to immerse yourself for 15 minutes, half an hour – or however long you like to play.

That kind of escape, through quality aesthetical production, was never part of slot gaming until recently. When you play Golden Goddess online, you are doing so much more than trying to win. You’re absorbing a fabricated ancient world of beauty, honour and greatness.

You could say the theme is made up from the same DNA as a movie like Troy or Gladiator.

Beyond the visuals, you have a fresh bonus stage to unlock and enjoy too…it’s not just another free spins round.

When 9 rose symbols feature on the centric trio of columns, you activate the bonus. Then you click a rose (any rose you fancy) and reveal a character. That character is now your chosen ‘Super Stacked Wild’ and blows up to the size of 9 icons – taking up three entire reels until your free spins run out.

All of this increases your chance of winning but is that the real reason why the bonus round is great? I’d argue its popularity is born out of the way in which you unlock the bonus and what unfolds onscreen afterwards.

What do you think? Is the fun factor of a new slot more of a draw than the chance to win money? Leave a comment and feel free to put the question to your slot-playing friends by sharing this post.

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