How Does Oil Well Stimulation Work?

Oil well can provide a great abundance of resources need to function today’s economy, as well oil well can also bring many problems and risks. When your well is sputtering to stay in production, it doesn’t necessarily mean the well has run dry. If proper maintenance and cleaning is performed, you may find the well has quite a bit more life left in it. How does oil well stimulation work to keep the well functioning at its peak performance (Source: Oil Well Stimulation by E&B Green Solutions)? Oil well stimulation works to remove paraffin and asphaltenes that build up in the perforations of the oil rig casing. By removing the obstruction to flow, the well is stimulated to work better and regains much of its productivity, instead of losing it over time.

Biodegradable Well Stimulation

The best practice is to use a eco-friendly biodegradable compound that can be diluted by water to clean out the well casing and other obstructions. A biodegradable compound solution might use a custom combination of two substances that can either remove paraffin or target asphaltenes, depending on which is the major problem at the well site. When you use two separate components, you have greater flexibility to create a custom solution that will be the most appropriate to remove the mess that is clogging the well at the source of the problem. By using biodegradable solutions, you won’t end up degrading the oil at the same time you try to unblock the well, too.

How it Works

There are a number of methods to apply the biodegradable solution to the well. One method might work if the well has already been pulled while another might use a cup wash or have the solution fed down the back of the well. The undiluted compound may not be fully activated and be in two separate components before it is mixed at the site in the targeted area. The products are mixed down the hole to get precise cleaning action where it is most needed. However the compound is applied, it requires a soaking period of about 12 to 24 hours to activate and clean the chosen area. During that time, the well will be out of service. Next time your well seems to have run dry, consider an oil stimulation solution before giving up on the well. You may find that it still has plenty of life, and profit, waiting to come out of the hole.

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