Online slots – time to debunk some myths

The popularity of online slots and their ever growing influence as a means of entertainment has befuddled many in the industry, as well as outside. Ever since its introduction, the response has been amazing. It would also be fair to say that the evolution of mobile phones and availability of sufficient bandwidth have contributed in no small measure to their growth. That in turn encouraged manufacturers to come out with many wonderfully conceived games with vibrant themes, excellent graphics and superb sound effects. Consequently, the original as well as subsequent versions of some of these games have continued to gain preference among the casual as well as experienced gamer.

Having mentioned the above, the flip side has been the propagation of certain myths and that has to some extent robbed them of their sheen, so to speak. Here is looking at a couple of them with an effort to debunk them.

The first one is that of rigging of the games in online casinos such that the pay-outs are much higher during times of high traffic to these sites. Since these online slots casinos are under strict monitoring by gaming commissions and other regulatory bodies, this is not something that passes muster. Why would somebody kill the goose laying golden eggs? These online casinos are here for the long haul and would not do anything that would tarnish their image or make it difficult for them to survive, by cheating on players. They would not do anything for short term quick gains and that is a fact.

Then you have the myth that having hit a jackpot on one machine, it is not possible or likely to repeat it in the same game. This again is not a valid one purely because the digital interface driving the performance of these machines are all managed by a super processor, which generates a bewildering array of permutations and combinations at the first spin. The numbers that appear are thus totally random and is ensured by the generator which is one of the components embedded within the microchip. It is therefore not unlikely that one extremely lucky person would be able to have two or even multiple wins at the same game and at the same machine.

Conversely, just because somebody has not been able to hit the jackpot or make a large win at a machine for some time does not dramatically improve the chances of the machine doling out a win to players who play those machines later on. Though there is the statistical probability of the law of averages playing out, beyond that there is no way anybody can predict any particular machine handing out a pay-out simply because it has not done so for some time? The process is random and every spin is independent of other spins.

As you would have seen, online slots games are not there to fleece their players. The chances of winning depend only on the luck factor and there is no way anybody can predict a winner.

So now you understand that both Online Slots and their land-based cousins offer a fair chance to players to cash-out on huge jackpots, why not give it at a go and play online slots at, you can even test the waters and play for free!

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This article is written by Vivid Time Staff member.