Personal Blogging Experience Enhanced by Chatwing Chat Software

Sharing thoughts, sentiments and insights through blogging is one of today’s trends. Connecting to the rest of the world and telling them how we feel is at the tip of our fingertips. We can also post images that would make our stories more visual and interesting. Personal blogs serve as our online journals and can also be therapeutic for most of us. It satisfies our need to connect, to be heard and to be seen.


The single person interaction setup is over. You can improve your personal blogging experience through using a chat widget and installing it to your blog. You can directly communicate with your blog readers and interact with them real-time. This allows multiple streams of interaction within any point of time.

Chatwing chat software lets you express your creativity by providing you with numerous options to modify the chatbox. Follow your heart, experiment with colors and sizes. Upload images that will provoke questions and insights. Upload MP3 links to heighten up the discussions. These are all possible with the improved chat widget. You can also decide whether you want to chat with thousands of users at once or just with selected web surfers. Chatwing chat box comes in three forms that allows you to be flexible with the number of web visitors you want to interact with- regular shoutbox, pop-up window and vanity URL.

By embedding Chatwing chat software, you make your site accessible to Facebook and Twitter users. Its social media integration feature makes it easy for social media users to log in and partake in any chat activity. This also helps improve your web traffic.


Vivid Times

This article is written by Vivid Time Staff member.