Presenting a confident business face to the world


American psychologist Joyce Brothers once said that; “A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success”. She was talking about individuals, but the same could easily apply to businesses or organisations. When it does, they are usually not shy about presenting themselves boldly and confidently to the world.

Whenever you walk into a store, are visited by an engineer in your home, go on a journey, eat in a restaurant – do you see people who are pleased and confident to be part of the organisation which employs them? Think of the difference in your attitude if you walk into a shop where each member of staff is smartly dressed in the same stylish clothing. Then, compare that to the retailer where each employee dresses however they wish (and maybe just feel that day). It often takes a while simply to work out who actually works there and can help you!

Getting your message into the public’s mind

Another advantage of personalized work-wear is that it helps present the statement you wish to make to the world. People remember; in the future, when considering making a purchase of a product you sell or using a service like the one you provide, their sub-conscious can push your image to the front of their mind. They may contact you without even fully knowing the reason for doing so!

Two powerful options for presenting your message

There is an important choice to be made between selecting either printed or embroidered workwear. The former can present more of a message – perhaps using your company logo and slogan – often even an image too – on your t-shirts or polo shirts, sweatshirts and the like. Using embroidery, more often simply for a logo, gives an impression of lasting quality (and tends to look better for a longer time). So, for example, for staff in a fashion store, t-shirts might making a striking impression. For an electrical service company, having each engineer wearing a polo shirt or jacket (or both) with an embroidered logo crest would look consistently good over a long period of time.

Sourcing your personalised workwear

Here, your original choice is so much simpler. A visit to will introduce you to a huge selection of quality workwear and a simple solution to your embroidery or printing needs. You will discover that you have a terrific selection of short and long sleeved shirts, t-shirts, polos, blouses, gilets as well as an amazing choice of outside wear. With more specialised occupations, you’ll find chef’s shirts, aprons, tabards, waistcoats, high-visibility jackets, fleeces, and coveralls. These examples represent no more than a fraction of the available product choices. Brandawear select a range of top-notch brand names such as Regatta, Premier, Result, Fruit of the Loom, Jerzees, Hanes and many others.

A simple finish

Your visit to the Brandawear website will also give you the chance to appreciate how easy it is, after you have selected the clothing for your team, to then decide whether to use the print or embroidery options, and to easily journey through their ordering process. Soon, the people who represent your business will look smart, present a consistent image to your public, and feel good from being part of an effective and successful team!


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