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You’re single, perhaps your age is between 22-28, you are looking to find other singles, increase your social circle, or maybe get a boyfriend or girlfriend who you can hangout with or perhaps searching for a soulmate but want to know them well before taking the plunge. Well, if you are in any of this categories, behold, online dating sites in India are just here for you. And among the horde of such sites, is one website which could be your answer –, a clean online dating and matchmaking platform.

While there are different needs to different people, stands on neutral ground, helping you to find a social partner, a serious relationship or perhaps just friends. claims to have 3.5 lakh users who use its platform to mingle with others who are ready to mingle! A majority of its userbase comes from the metros and larger cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, etc. also has users from as far as Kohima to even users from Coimbatore to even Jamm and Kashmir. While the userbase is diverse in terms of demography, the portal also claims to have users from 18 years to 65 years of age.

“Each bracket of age group comes looking for a unique experience. Users who are in the age group of 18-23 come looking to make online friends. They are the curious lot. Users from 24-35 come from with a firm mindset to meet singles to go out to date or mingle and find partners to socialize with.” says Ravi Mittal, the founder of “Among other users, people from age group of 55 plus, come mostly looking for intellectual dating. They are usually looking for people from their age with whom they can have conversations and share moments of their life.” Interestingly, most people prefer to chat on the site which gives them an instant connect with the users.

Looking closely at, they have many a features in place to ensure any spammy user or imposters are removed immediately. The site is moderated 24×7 and moderates content to ensure the site is kept spam free. The site has features like automatic filters to fish most of the spammy phrases to easily detect spam. It also has options like Report user and Block user which helps users help keep the platform clean. Users do proactively help in keeping the platform clean by reporting any doubts. Such members play a productive role in helping keep platform clean.

The has about 30,000 chat messages exchanged in a day along with over 400 male and female users exchanging contacts every single day. The platform is also visited by over 10,000 old and new users every day along with 800-1000 people joining everyday to find matches. With these stats in place, we are sure you would be waiting to find your date! Go ahead and try and tell us how it is!

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