Questions and Answers about Empower Network

If you get into MLM news at all you’ve probably heard of the Empower Network. Their MLM program has become popular as members make public boasts about the income they earn and the education they receive. Researching Empower Network reviews though, shows a different story that leaves interested parties questioning whether the program is a worthwhile investment. Given that, let’s take a look.

Upon visiting the Empower Network’s website, it looks a lot like other websites where you sign up and sell the network to others, effectively becoming part of a pyramid scheme that won’t last long. This seems to be an issue with a lot of visitors that see the beautiful vacation opportunities, piles of money, scantily-clad women and expensive vehicles – all indicators of a scam in internet marketing.

But Empower Network has actual products they sell to both members and retail customers (people who don’t participate in the affiliate plan). They teach internet marketing strategies, starting with their blog program, and offer a community training membership to teach members even more. The point is to teach people how to make their already existing businesses more successful by diversifying their income strategies.

Compensation Plan

The compensation plan seems to be the part of the entire program that gets the most attention, due to the large affiliate commissions and the odd pass up system it has.

There are 5 products sold by the Empower Network: a blogging platform and a membership community that are both monthly products. There is a $500 educational course, as well as a $1,000 course, and a $3,500 course.

All of these products are part of the affiliate commissions plan. If you are an affiliate and refer another person to buy one of these products, you earn commissions. The common misunderstanding with the commissions is how they are paid. The site boasts 100% commissions for all of the products, except for the $3500 course.

The misunderstanding surrounds how often you actually get the 100%. For each product, the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale after the 6th sale is passed up to the sponsor above you in the network. In effect, out of the first 6 sales, of each product, the affiliate gets roughly 50% of the commissions, even though 100% is paid on each sale.

Because every other sale gets passed up, you only earn commissions for three of the first six sales. After the 6 sales, roughly 80% is earned. Legally they are still paying the 100% commission on product sales, but some of the commissions are passed up to sponsors higher in the network.

The Good, The Bad

The good news is, as you build your network on Empower Network commissions will be passed up to you as well. This leads to a passive income that makes the MLM structure very popular among people who don’t mind putting in a lot of work up front and then enjoying the benefits for a long time.

The bad news: you won’t get all of the income from every sale. That’s a trade-off you have to accept before joining an MLM structured network, as passing up commissions or at least partial commissions is very common in MLM.

The important part of joining a network like the Em Power Network is that you ask and get answered all of your questions up front. Be sure you thoroughly understand how it all works, where you can make money, and what you need to do to be successful before investing into the opportunity.

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