Recharge Online and Pay Your Bill with Mobikwik

Many a times while talking with friends or others our balance runs out and we need to recharge our phone instantly. Sometimes we forget to pay our bills and suddenly remember about it at the last date and thus we search for a fast and quick way to pay our bills. This is where Mobikwik shines, giving us a fast and easy way to recharge our mobile phone accounts whether it is prepaid or post-paid. It also has the facility to pay our data card and all important DTH bills. We can also pay our land-line and current bills with ease on the Mobikwik online recharge service.

Easy User Interface:

Mobikwik has pleasant and easy to use website. The website is fast and responsive and uses the latest in web-technologies. The website follows the tabbed interface design strategy. By this we mean that all the menus are in the form of easy to access tabs and thus it makes it easy for everyone to use. Overall the site is brilliant and Mobikwik guys have done a good job on it.


Clicking on the Mobile tab brings us to a quick recharge box where we can enter our details and get a speedy recharge experience. There is also a plan browser below the quick recharge box. For example you’ll find quick link for Vodafone online recharge or BSNL data card etc.. This allows you to browse the plans of your mobile operator thus giving you more convenience at your fingertips. The next tab is called Television and provides DTH users the option to recharge their accounts quickly. All major DTH platforms are supported here. Only your DTH customer number aka id should be known to you to request a recharge. There is also a tab for data card bill-payment as well an option called Bills which allows you to pay your electricity, land-line, gas and other utility bills. The shopping tab lets you browse great offers for Mobikwik users. Mobikwik seems to have done a really great job in bringing together different bill payment services under one single roof. They seem to be the next rival of Visa Bill pay service and I am sure they will be very successful in their endeavors.


Recharge Mobile Via SMS or Call :

Mobikwik also has a unique SMS and Telephone recharge service. Basically you can just SMS your mobile number and recharge amount to Mobikwik guys and they will do the recharge for you. Telephone system is an IVRS system where you to enter your mobile number and the amount for recharge. These two systems are quite innovative and offer users very easy recharge even when they are away from their home at remote locations or are in places without internet connectivity. All you need to have some balance in your Mobikwik Wallet. Mobikwik sure seems to have put some serious commitment and though into their business strategies.


Easily Recharge with Mobikwik :

To test Mobikwik’s worth, I proceeded to do a recharge to my mobile phone using their services. First I entered my mobile number and then went to the payment gateway. Here I could use options like Debit card or Credit Card and even Cashcard. They also offer a service called Cashpay for recharges above Rs.100. Basically when you pay via Cashpay, within 24 hours a Mobikwik guy comes to your doorstep and collects your amount and within 1 hour after that you get a recharge. This is seiously innovative and Mobikwik is setting new benchmarks for the Indian e-commerce industry. Coming back to the point, my recharge was smooth and finished quickly. I got a message within 5 minutes confirming my transaction.

I am very pleased by Mobikwik’s service. I would really recommend Mobikwik to all my readers and friends. This is definitely a company to watch out and I am sure they will come out with something more innovative soon.

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This article is written by Vivid Time Staff member.