Round Up all Best April Fools Day Prank Around The World

It’s the most annoying tradition in the tech world. Every April Fools’ Day tech companies and blogs spam the Web with pranks, phony reports, and fake product launches. And every April Fools’ Day, people get confused. Here we will round up some best April Fools Pranks around the world.

Google’s ‘Treasure Maps’
Google has a reputation of going out for April Fool’s Day, the company has released some of its jokes for 2013. if you head over to Google Maps on your desktop you can activate “Treasure” mode for some fun. The map belonged to infamous pirate William “Captain” Kidd, and was found on a recent expedition in the Indian Ocean while the team was expanding their underwater Street View collection. Users are invited to help crack the code and find the treasure with hidden clues.

Youtube Is Shutting Down
Google and YouTube got a head start this year, launching a new video that says YouTube is shutting down after 10 years. The gag is that YouTube was actually launched to find the world’s best video and there are finally enough submissions to pick a winner.

Gmail Blue
Google enhance his popular mail service Gmail and introducing Gmail Blue. Google has made everything blue in Gmail. All characters, buttons, and menus are now blue. Starting today, you’ll get to experience the next big step for Gmail, Gmail Blue.

Google added a new Beta service in their search services, Google Nose. As its name implies, the service lets you search to find out what your queries smell like.

Google+ photos get +Emotion


Over on Google+, you can now add “emotions” to your photos. It’s got an algorithm that will automatically add the right emoticon to your Google+ picture, based on the facial expressions. Suitably called +Emotion, it’s said to “plumb the emotional depths of everyone in the photo, then summarise their feelings with a beautifully crafted, emotion icon”. Well, this is one feature that many would like to have.

Visitors from the International Space Station – Control Room

Google Analytic april fool prank
If you’re a Google Analytics users, you might find this one amusing: some users have noticed active visitors from the “International Space Station – Control Room” on their map.

The Google Australian team lets you spruce up the look of your house with Google SCHMICK (Simple Complete House Makeover Internet Conversion Kit). The post notes there are “hundreds of themes and features to choose from,” and even starts you off with some ideas to get started:

“Feeling patriotic? Why not fly the Australian flag, leave some lamingtons out for Skippy or permanently switch on ‘Night View’ to place the Southern Cross directly above your inner city terrace. Perhaps, you’ll choose to add in a sheep or two and a kangaroo like Uncle Burke, throw in a miniature replica of Coffs Harbour’s Big Banana, or ‘go international’ and throw the Big Ben on top of that new second story you’ve just added to your house.”

“Can’t afford the electricity bill for a Christmas lights display? Worry no longer. You can now install a virtual festive display to suit any holiday and put the neighbours to shame in seconds. Create an Easter egg hunt for your kids, build a 360-degree haunted house panorama for trespassers or pretend you’re in the northern hemisphere and let it snow on your front porch. Or, if you don’t have a front porch, simply add one in using the House Builder tool.”

Here’s the result:

Google SCHMICK Before

Google SCHMICK-After- with flag

Google Fiber Poles

Google Fiber to the Pole provides ubiquitous gigabit connectivity to fiberhoods across Kansas City. This latest innovation in Google Fiber technology enables users to access Google Fiber’s ultra fast gigabit speeds even when they are out and about.


You know the drill. Dreary two hour meetings you can’t wait to escape. Emails that go on forever without getting to the point. Another invite to a meeting with no clear purpose. Today we’re introducing the Levity Algorithm in Google Apps to help you spice up even the most boring of work days.

Google Wallet Mobile ATM

The mobile ATM device easily attaches to most smartphones and dispenses money instantly and effortlessly– forever ending your search for the nearest bank or ATM. Just type in your personal pin code on your cell phone and access all your cash from the palm of your hand.

Google Analytics adds support for legacy technology

Google will be rolling out a new set of old school export options for Analytics that go beyond the Web: CDROM, 3.5 floppy, sticky note, and papyrus. At the same time, the company is also adding new send-to options: fax machine, electronic telegraph, carrier pigeon, and telegram messenger.

Google Play Developer Console lets you add an “Awesome” app
Those with Google Play Developer accounts have received an “Add new awesome application” option in the dashboard. Google says it will help you build a new app with “advanced machine learning algorithms.”

Twitter Announced “Twttr”
Twitter is starting a two-tiered service from today, first free service “Twttr” and second premium service “Twitter”. In free service you will get all the basic services of twitter except vowels means you can tweet without vowels, if you want to tweet with vowels then you will have to get premium service and for this you will have to pay $5 for a month.

Sony Introduces Animalia Line of Tech Products for Pets

Sony Electronics today announced the Animalia line of technology products specially designed and created for pets. The introductory line-up includes Sony-branded products targeted at owners with dogs, cats and hamsters, with additional devices and networked services slated for release later this year.


SMART Eco Trees intake CO2 and release oxygen to support a healthier environment. In the process it also uses a natural filtering system to eliminate pollutants. Eco Trees also help keep the humidity at a pleasant level. These features are fully automatic and require only the addition of water and S (Solar) Beams.

Today, Toshiba is announcing its first-ever gaming console: The Shibasphere. Look out, every gaming console ever made, past, present or future. The Shibasphere is here.

The Shibasphere features unprecedented computing power, a completely controller-free interface, and Logical Aggression Monitoring that deploys positive therapeutics to
prevent emotionally devastating rage-quits. Available accessories include the Shibadome, Shibasuit and Shibatote that enhance the sound, motion detection and portability of the console, and also features:

12 core 3.5 Ghz Processors
8192 MB GDDR5 RAM Graphics Card
809.3b Infrared Motion Detection
1080p Full HD
7.1 Channel Surround Sound
5 Stereo Mini Jacks
8 HDMI Ports
AC Power

We are delighted to announce a significant new extension to Nokia’s product offering with the Nokia 5AM-TH1N6 Constellation, a touch-screen microwave oven. The Constellation sets itself apart with a superfast, water-cooled 8-core high-voltage transformer, which brings a combined performance of 5,000 watts to end-users, letting them heat up turnkey meal solutions within seconds.


We’ll keep updating this post as Google launches more jokes.

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