Rumor: Polycarbonate iPhone With 4.5″ Screen Coming Next Year


New rumor says apple is designing new iPhone with a polycarbonate body similar to Apple’s legacy entry-level MacBook with a targeted price of $330 and ship at the end of this next year.

According to Macotakara, Apple is working on an iPhone with a 4.5-inch display and a polycarbonate build. The handset would supposedly have a build similar to the old white MacBook (which Apple put to rest in 2011, cannibalized by the MacBook Air).

The polycarbonate iPhone is said to have a thicker build than the iPhone 5, but would otherwise retain standard iPhone features like a home button below the screen.

The report also claims to know Apple’s targeted pricing for the iPhone, saying its off- contract price will match the iPad mini’s US$330. This would place it squarely in “budget iPhone” territory, and could help Apple to fare better in China and prepaid markets.

Aside from the cheaper plastic body and lower price tag, Macotakara is reporting that there aren’t any other noticeable differences over the iPhone 5. It is believed the handset will be available in multiple colors, including black. This information is said to come from sources who are familiar with the situation, although they are unnamed. As with all rumors, take it with a large grain of salt.

Finally, the report also made mention of Apple’s follow-up to the iPhone 5, sometimes referred to as a so-called “iPhone 5S.” It claimed that Apple apparently plans to add a dual-flash LED module on the back of the device to aid in picture taking. The two flash exposures are rumored to be stacked on top of one another to the right of the camera lens.

Source: Macotakara Via: Apple Insider

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