samsung galaxy siv

Samsung Revealed First Official Image of Galaxy SIV

samsung galaxy siv

The Korean electronics giant tweeted a photo that shows a front view of the Android smartphone, although it is mostly obscured by a shadowy foreground.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now only a couple of days away for its official debut in New York Times Square. The Samsung Mobile Unpacked event on May 14 will be the first time when Samsung Fans will get to see the Samsung Galaxy S4.

As referenced in the tweet, Samsung has been promoting the S IV with its “Unpacked” marketing campaign, rolling out a poster and video that teases the smartphone

While Samsung doesn’t identify the S IV by name, it mentions the device’s launch date.

“The countdown for #TheNextBigThing has begun,” declares Samsung from its US Twitter account. “Who’s ready for the Global Unpacked Event on March 14?”

Another report reveals that the S IV could include an eye-scrolling feature that makes it easier for users to read text, hands-free.

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