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No matter how strapped for cash, there are certain things that make life seem worth living. And those “things” are as individual as the people experiencing them. For some it’s dreaming of the annual holiday that keeps them focused and optimistic, whilst others want a regular nice haircut and colour. There really is no right or wrong answer once the basics of food, shelter and health are all met. After regular responsibilities are covered a happy life is one that offers leeway for incidentals. Though even if there isn’t any wiggling room most people soon begin to prioritise differently in order to make the impossible, possible. The change could be taking on an additional part-time job or giving up something in order to keep another simple luxury at hand. A payday loan could provide additional funds to help you continue to enjoy these luxuries, without impacting your current budget. Just be sure to check the available rates.

What’s interesting is that the worse finances become the more clearly one can see what qualities of life they value most. Again, the answer varies but the extras people normally don’t want to do without usually fall into one or more of the following categories:


This could mean getting to dine out occasionally or keeping good quality items in stock. For instance, high quality tea or coffee could easily be given up by someone who’d rather use the money for something else. For just as many the thought of giving up coffee is simply not an option. Foodies may also feel that way about chocolate, good cheeses, fresh herbs, high quality olive oil, etc. Really being into food doesn’t negate the possibility of being into sports or other forms of entertainment, but true foodies think eating well is all the entertainment. In order to save, it’s wise to buy items in season and locally grown, and to stock up on non-perishable staples when deals exist.


Many hard workers like to be able to blow off steam when the day is done. Foodies can have their Brie and Bordeaux but those who choose entertainment as the luxury will most likely be just as happy with wings and cheap beer. Of course when money improves they’ll enjoy fine meals, too, but whilst money is strapped the gourmand tastes will take second place to a fun night dancing and drinking. Or it could be a film or theatre production—there is a wealth of entertainment to be found, and thankfully sometimes on the cheap. To help save, check out matinee deals, happy hour prices, and going to a friend’s house to watch the game instead of paying to see it live.


Holidays are very important to many hard workers. Even a short trip away can give offer much-needed rest and relaxation. Those who choose travel above all other luxuries will gladly eat Ramen Noodles to help save for a trip. They’ll scrimp and save, avoiding all local forms of entertainment just to be able to get away for a bit. The die-hard will also be more than happy to eat on the cheap whilst on holiday, too. Conversely, food in a foreign destination may be what it’s all about. Though others can be perfectly happy at home, the ones who hold on to travel in tough times believe it’s worth making sacrifices in other parts of life. Thankfully travelling off-season and with a good bit of savvy can save loads of money.


When on a budget it can be very challenging to keep up with one’s appearance. Cheaper haircuts make way for skipping salon visits entirely. Cheap food replaces good quality food and trips to the gym become little more than a memory. The budget-conscious saving for a holiday or football game might never miss the salon visits and pedicures, whilst others would never consider doing without. Many jobs also require a certain level of polish so it’s not just vanity it’s also good business sense. At it’s most elemental it is just something that makes people feel good—so much so that they are willing to do without other things. To help save money the gym can be replaced by home workouts and hair cuts can be done by exemplary salon students until money starts flowing in again. Pedis and manis that were once professionally done in a salon can become a home party with friends.

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