Silly, Novelty Birthday Present Ideas for Adults

You know the old adage that people grow wiser with age? I’ll let you in on a little secret – they’re all only pretending to be adults! At heart, I would say most adults are still teenagers at heart, laughing at fart jokes and the word “boob”, so this birthday let’s go back to the good old days of immaturity and innocence with these birthday present ideas from Spencers, where the possibilities are endless:

Birthday Paddle

Because what more could anyone want to celebrate another year of their life but a good spanking? In the wrong hands (or the right ones) this gift could get pretty interesting. This birthday party, best watch your back – literally! Check out the birthday paddle from Spencer’s Online.

Fart Noise Modulator

Does this one really need an introduction? This birthday present is perfect for the dads, uncles and granddads out there that are partial to a good fart noise: the fart modulator has hundreds of combinations arranging the pitch, volume and obnoxiousness of the fart. The fart modulator practically comes with hours of laughs guaranteed.

Novelty Mugs

Who do you know who is lost without their morning coffee? Perhaps you could find them a birthday present they could use every day? Novelty mugs make great gifts for coffee and tea drinkers – they can take them to the office or use them at home, and they always know which mug is theirs. There’s a huge selection of novelty mugs on Find Me a Gift, including “I Heart Spreadsheets” for accountants and mustache mugs.

Basketball Trash Can

Too often I spend my day at work throwing things into my trash can 3-pointer style and missing, but you’ll get nothing but net with this novelty trash can. Missing your college athletics days where you could comfortably fit your gym gear? Aren’t we all! Take the trash can to your office, or keep it at home – and for a couple of minutes a day it’ll be like you’re a basketball star.

Party Crowns

Go on, you know you want to: multi-coloured party crowns are too for grown-ups! There really is no good excuse not to – party crowns are a great novelty birthday present for both kids and kids at heart.

Novelty Beanies

Help the birthday boy or girl keep their head warm and stylist with this cool birthday present – a novelty beanie. Beanies are simple wool or acrylic hats that can be worn with practically any outfit. Check out the selection on mean beanie or The House – I particularly like the Bird Bird and Naff Cat Beanies.

Magic Tricks

Magic tricks and practical joke tricks are a fun way to surprise a friend with a simple birthday present. Say abradcadabra! Check out the huge range of fun and simple magic tricks from S. S. Adams & Co.

If you look online you can find a huge range of novelty gifts for those grown-ups who would prefer fart jokes for a birthday present over a boring old round of golf. So head over to your favorite websites for a ton of silly birthday present gift ideas!

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