Surfing The Web Just Got A Whole Lot More Personal


Fed up with your online email accounts being invaded, discovering all your bookmarks are no longer there or finding your internet settings have changed? Sharing your computer, especially your internet browser, sucks.

Introducing, the new way to create you very own personalised web browser and say goodbye to the daily hassles that come with multiple people using the same computer… and you don’t have to be a programme developer to use it. features a simple step-by-step process to help anyone create a Chromium browser with everything to ensure your web experience is tailor-made for you. It takes just five minutes and is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Step 1:

Even on your desktop, you’re going to want your browser to stand out from the rest. Start by giving it a unique name and icon.

When it comes to a browser name, I’d recommend using your actual name in the title. Something like “Ben’s Browser” or “Patricia’s Private Internet” to make doubly sure everyone knows it’s yours.

For the icon, the same idea applies. You can create an icon from any picture on your computer and just crop it to size. Try using a profile photo of yourself or a picture that is unmistakably you.

Step 2:

As an optional step, if you want to install your browser ready with your own bookmarks and home page, here’s your chance.

Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo and Amazon have already been pre-installed, of course you can change that if you want to by clicking the little “X”. To add a new bookmark, simple enter the web address, give it a short name and click “Add”.

For the home page, it’s just as easy – enter the web address and click “Set”.

Step 3:

And because no personalised web browser would be complete without its own unique look, you now get to pick a theme.

With eight specially designed “skins” to choose from, no matter which theme you choose your new browser is certain to look like no other.

Once complete, your browser installer is ready to download.

Once the installer has downloaded, double click on it and your new tailor-made browser will download and install. It will also place an icon on your desktop, you may recognise it as the icon you customised earlier.

Now don’t be fooled by the ease of which your browser was created, this is one powerful operator, because it is built with the Google Chromium engine. It’s similar to Google Chrome, except you can have as many Chromium browsers as you like on a single computer. This means you can create a unique browser for every user on your computer; whether it’s your roommate, your mother or your superhero alter ego.

And did I mention, because it’s built on the Google Chromium engine, you can also further personalise your browser with all the features, add-ons, extensions and apps available on any Google browser.

So if you’re sick of sharing your browser with everyone, make your own with, and in just five minutes you can put an end to the daily invasions of privacy with a beautiful browser that’s uniquely you.

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