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Why these IT vendors are in top 12?

If one has planned to step into the pool of the IT industry and wants to excel himself in that field, then he would be concerned with some great vendors of the IT certifications.

One might wonder after searching, that why some companies are so famous for their certifications and he might want to understand the reason behind it.

The companies which have gained so much fame and are appreciated by the companies have been into this position since they contain some really good exam criteria and the names of the company sometimes is enough to ensure the abilities of the candidates. Here are some vendors and the reasons why they are among the top 12 vendors in this field:

1. EC-Council

EC council is actually a very good certification company which mainly gives certificates of the topics which are related to having and they include the techniques like computer hacking and the licencing hacking. One can find these certifications very useful since they are based on some ethical hacking and many of the companies require the person who can have such prestigious knowledge.

2. Microsoft

One shouldn’t really be asking that how come the Microsoft is in the top 12 vendors and the reason is known to all of us. This company has been operating in the field since a very long time and is one of the pioneers in the computer engineering and the networking and there are many of the certifications offered by this company and many of the companies look for those having these certificates.

3. Magento

This company actually provides the developer certifications and there is the new certificate there which has got some attention by the companies and that certificate is the solution specials certification. One can make sure to go after this if one is looking to have some good career in the developing field and hence he can increase the chances of having some good job.


This company has been offering the certifications since long and among them there are three of the professional programs which are very important. There are the TCA, TCP and the TTP and the verification requires one to have the knowledge of all the key concepts and the capabilities which are covered through the courses they teach.

5. IBM

IB has some strict marking criteria and everyone knows that. That’s why the IBM’s prestigious name and the criteria is what separates it from other certifications and one can get that certification to go to the zenith of their career.

6. Braindumps

Brain dump is the place where one can find plenty of the data available which is necessary for preparing for some exam. One can find all the solutions and the training and hence by getting that, one can ensure his good performance in the exams.

7. Testking

As the name implies, king testing is some amazing website where one can have the privilege to get their hands on some really amazing collection of the trainings and programs which are made for the grooming of student. So that’s why this vendor is so famous.

8. Juniper Networks

One can get some amazing network management qualification with this website and this is the reason why it I important. This certification promises a promising career to the certificate holder.

9. SAP

Even those people, who have never used the SAP, know the importance of this company since the company is very famous worldwide and the software’s are being used all around the world for the data management and hence the certifications offered by sap are very important ones. So, one can get there and get the certificated so that he can get his chances increased for some good future.

10. Pass4sure

One can’t go to the battle without preparation and the same applies to one who goes to some exam. This pass4sure company has got a huge connection of the data which contains the training and they help a lot to the student to get his certification exam done with good grades.

11. C++ Institute

The institute of C++ has been recognised as the one of the first organisation the world which has developed some international high staking C and the C++ exams. This institute is committed to some global standard and that standard is recognised and appreciated everywhere so that’s why this vendor of the certifications gets so much attention of the students and the employees.

12. Symantec

There is one amazing thing, that a surveys how’s around 75 per cent of those candidates who have been here in interview were asked about the semantic certification and it was the part of the hiring process. That is something really amazing and the reason behind this is the popularity of this amazing certification company so one should get it so he can open some doors towards the success.

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