Top 5 Elements Every Sign Should Include


When you’re in the middle of designing a sign, it can be easy to include way too much information or not enough. If you want to design a sign to advertise your business, it is essential that you include five pieces of information so that viewers of your sign stay interested in what your business has to offer without getting bored reading it.

1. Headline

Every sign needs a catchy headline in order to initially attract viewers. This headline should be made up of just a few words, between three and five, in order to get your viewer’s attention within just a few seconds. For example, if you run an auto parts store, your headline could say something like, “Don’t breakdown on the road” or “Parts that will last forever.” These few words will be just enough to get viewer’s attention and to entice them to keep reading.

2. Image

When you build a sign it needs a powerful image to illustrate the message that you want your sign to give. Choosing the right image is almost more important than the other text on your sign because images can invoke certain meanings and can say more than an entire block of text. Put together a selection of images that you are considering putting on your sign and ask a few of your co-workers or friends what emotions and thoughts come to them when they see these images before making a final decision for your sign.

3. Reasoning

No one will want to purchase your product or service unless it can benefit them. Because of this, it is important to illustrate how your product or service will benefit the customer viewing your sign. This information will work to your advantage if you place it directly below the main headline on your sign or underneath an eye-catching image that you placed on your sign.

4. Advantage

In addition to convincing your viewer why they need your product or service, your sign should also include why your company is the best place to go to for this particular service. Unless you include this piece of information, your viewer may end up going to one of your competitor’s instead of coming to you for the same service. Make sure that this message is clear by using statistics proving the worth of your product or service or testimonials from previous customers. This will help your viewer realise why your products or services are better than those from one of your competitors.

5. Call to Action

Unless your viewer is prompted to do something after viewing your sign, this form of advertising won’t do you any good. This call to action can come in many different forms. For instance, you could advertise a certain sale that your business if offering at the time, a list of locations that offer the product advertised on your sign, or even the name of your website included with an invitation for viewers to go there and sign up for your monthly newsletter. In addition to this information, make sure that your viewers know how to get in contact with you or representatives from your business by including your business’ telephone number, address, or email address.

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This article is written by Vivid Time Staff member.