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Top 5 Star Trek Games

Star Trek

Since the mid-1960 the Starship Enterprise has been roaming across the galaxy and onto our TV screens. Too many, Klingon is now a second language, and with many more they sit and wait in anticipation for the next game in the franchise to be released.

There have been many voyages since Space Checkers landed in 1965. We look at the top 5 games in the Trek catalogue.

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Based on the fourth television series, Elite Force is a first person shooter that was released at the beginning of the millennium.

In the game you play Alex Munro, second in command of the Hazard Team, and must battle through hostile missions across the universe. Dealing with tough enemies throughout the game, the narrative culminates taking on the ruthless Borg, leaving you with one hell of a fight on your hands.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Fallen

Another shooter from 2000, the game was exclusively released for PC and is set towards the end of the sixth season of the franchise.

Playing as either Captain Benjamin Sisko, Major Kira Nerys or Lt. Commander Worf, your character has to fight their way through Deep Space 9, preventing a series of attacks from a fleet of Grigari warships.

Star Trek

The Fallen received rave reviews with its technically sound graphics and compelling story, scoring highly with the likes of Eurogamer, who scored it 9 out of 10.

Star Trek: Against All Odds

Whilst Captain Kirk and Spock have done their share of gambling in their action-packed adventures across the universe, they’ve never played anything quite like the newest take on the slots alongside a cool infographic by Money Gaming.

Designed for both advanced players and beginners, this game has endless features to win big. Against All Odds’ biggest draw is the innovative Enterprise Defender Bonus round, an arcade-style battle in a bid to destroy Romulan enemy missiles. The sharp stories and all round play makes this the perfect way for Trekkies to gamble.

Star Trek Online

One of the newest Trek video games to enter the market, STO is the first large scale multiplayer online role-playing game within the franchise and was released in early 2010.

Set in the year 2409, the Borg Collective have re-emerged as a major threat and players, captaining their own ship, compete through a number of new storylines along with some old favourites for good measure.

Star Trek Bridge Commander

Star Trek

Unlike the other PC games featured in the list, Bridge Commander is a simulation video game. Released in 2002, the game is completed by selecting commands for officers on board the Enterprise in a big to save the Vesuvi star from destruction.

The game received high acclaim and is still highly thought of in the Trek gaming realms.

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