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Top Five Tips To Master Your Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is one of the best hand held devices that an individual can own these days, this is thanks to the great improvements it has when you compare it to other versions of the iPhone as well as other phones. However, not every owner of the iPhone is using it to the best of its ability, since people might just be used to texting, calling or only taking pictures. Most phones in the market can do that, but iPhone 5 has further benefits and features that every owner must know.

 Apple iPhone 5

Some tips to master your iPhone include:

  1. The Ringtone Tip

Since a phone is supposed to ring or vibrate whenever there is a call coming in, you can assign different ringtones or types of vibrations for you to know who is calling even before you pick up the call. This is an important tip where you do not want to be disturbed especially by some people, since you will simply ignore them and they can find the voicemail every time. This is polite and hassle free as opposed to disconnecting calls or picking to check your calls every time.

  1. The Voice Command Tip

An iPhone 5 offers its users the option of not having to type a lot thanks to the voice command feature. It is possible to get directions, update your Facebook status, or even type a document just by speaking to the phone. All that an individual needs to do is tap on the speaker button where it appears on your screen keyboard and then he or she can instruct the phone to execute a particular command.

  1. The Photo-Sharing Tip

A cool feature of the latest gadgets these days is the ability it gives its users to share photos with their friends. One only needs to take a picture using the phone’s camera, or identify a picture on the internet, then he or she is supposed to tap and hold the picture for a few seconds, which will lead to the photo being saved in the phone. Then depending on whether an individual wants to attach it to an email, upload it on Facebook or send it via Bluetooth, he or she will simply choose the option from the list that the phone will offer him or her.

  1. Picking up Calls and Sending Callers to Your Voicemail

When you are driving or when you cannot hold the phone to your face for varied reasons, you can use the headphones that come with the phone.ย  When a call comes in and you have your headphone in place, by simply pinching the button at the speaker, you are able to talk to whoever is calling, however, when you click on the button, the voice mail will take over and you can call them back later.

  1. Screen Shots

Taking a screen shot with the iPhone 5 is much easier as compared to other phones, since all that the user needs to do is you tap on the sleep button, while at the same time holding down the home button. The image can be recovered from the camera when one needs to use it.

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