Video Games Would Sharpen Multitasking Skills

Video Game Improve Brain

According to an article published in Nature, it has been found that video games can improve your brain’s capacity of multitasking; a team led by neuroscientist Adam Gazzaley of University of California, San Francisco has proved this.

As we all know our multitasking skills get worsen with the passage of age, so Gazzaley and his team have now created a game NeuroRacer.

NeuroRacer is a 3D video game in which players have to steer a car along a winding, hilly road with their left thumb and have to shoot signs with a particular shape and colour that pop up randomly along the road. This game has been designed to help the aged people to improve their multitasking skills like attention focusing, task switching and enhancement of memory ability, etc.

Computer games can make the user smarter.

In the test conducted by Gazzaley and his team, they recruited 30 participants of age ranging from 20s to 70s to confirm that the memory ability deteriorate with age. They then recruited 46 participants of age ranging from 60s to 85s and put them through a 4-week training period with a version of the game.

[quote_simple]“Neuro­Racer doesn’t demand too much of those particular abilities — so it appears that the multitasking challenge may put pressure on the entire cognitive control system, raising the level of all of its components.” says Gazzaley.[/quote_simple]

The result of the test were good and it was seen that the aged ones achieved higher scores than the 20 year olds, and their skills remained six months later without practice.

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