How vital is internet security?

The internet has transformed the face of modern day business and communication. While it has rapidly enhanced convenience and connectivity, internet use is also accompanied by a plethora of security risks that every business should be aware of. From phishing and spam to malware and data leaks, having a robust internet security policy in place is imperative.  Here’s why:

Phishing scams
Thanks to clever tactics and the aim of tapping into natural human weaknesses, phishing scammers enjoy a large amount of success. Whether its gaining personal bank details, convincing employees to reveal sensitive company information or posing as an individual in order embezzle contacts out of cash, phishing scams can have disastrous results.

According to a recent study an estimated 70% of all email falls into the spam category. Furthermore, experts have revealed that the loss in productivity and time spent deleting emails costs US businesses alone over $20 million a year. While the majority of spam is relatively harmless and sales focused, the sheer presence of it is costing your business cash.

Data leakage
A company’s value lies intrinsically in its confidential data. Whether it’s a lucrative business plan or top secret product idea, when information falls into the wrong hands the results can be catastrophic. Data hacks occur through a number of platforms, with email identified as the major port of access.

From keystroke loggers and computer worms to spyware and unwanted ads, malware comes in a variety of forms – none of which have good intentions!  One of the major ways malware infects a computer is via an email account. If you want to ensure that your business is protected against email borne threats, investing in a trusted email security system should be at the top of your priority list. For an intelligent cloud based solution, Encrypted email by Mimecast offers businesses 100% anti-virus protection, 99% anti-spam service cover and 0.0001% spam false positives.

DDoS attacks
If you run an online business or rely heavily on your website to generate a profit, falling victim to a DDoS attack could cost you big time. CNN, eBay and Yahoo have all been targeted, proving that even the biggest names in the business aren’t safe.

Cloud hacking
The recent celebrity photo hack scandals serve as definitive proof that having a stringent cloud security system in place is indispensable. Whether it’s sensitive personal information or confidential company data, using the cloud without adequate protection is a recipe for disaster.

Mobile borne threats
As well as laptops and PCs, internet users can put themselves at risk simply by using their handheld devices. Mobile application threats have emerged as a very real risk over the past few years and have the potential to install malware, harvest personal data and cause a huge amount of damage. Phishing is conducted via text messages while network threats and stolen devices also pose as serious security risks. If you’re an active internet user, it’s essential to take precautionary steps to protect yourself and your business against the abundance of security threats lurking in cyberspace.

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This article is written by Vivid Time Staff member.