Website Shows Cyberattacks In Real Time


German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom unveiled a new website Wednesday that allows the public to view cyber attacks as they occur. A digital map of the world and real-time ticker show users detailed information about the attack.

Deutsche Telekom, parent company of T-mobile, developed the portal as part of a team up effort with the alliance of cyber security. The portal is open to security experts and the public and findings are submitted to protection software manufacturers and authorities. The company uses this information to update its systems and communicate directly with customers about specific cyber threats.

The portal, shows a digital map of the world and over 90 sensors detect and record the cyber attacks, around the clock. Statistics indicate the most common kinds of attack and the countries where the attack originated. Sensors also act as decoys to provoke attacks which act as early warnings.

“Our honeypot systems show that once attackers have identified weaknesses, they exploit them immediately. If, for example, a provider announces an update for its operating system, attackers launch themselves at the old system to find the gap that the update is intended to close,” said Thomas Kremer, Board Member responsible for Data Privacy, Legal Affairs and Compliance.

Far and away the most belligerent country is Russia, with an impressive 2.4 million cyberattacks launched in February 2012. Taiwan comes in a distant second with 900,000, followed by the website’s native Germany at 780,000 and the Ukraine with 566,000. The United States takes sixth place, with just over 355,000 attacks launched from its soil.

Interestingly, despite its position as one of the world’s tech hubs, India does not rank among the Top 15 cyberattack-happy countries. The entire continent of frica evades the list (turns out that those Nigerian princes were all talk), and only Israel represents the Middle East.

“New cyber attacks on companies and institutions are found every day. Deutsche Telekom alone records up to 450,000 attacks per day on its honeypot systems and the number is rising. We need greater transparency about the threat situation. With its security radar, Deutsche Telekom is helping to achieve this,” said Kremer.

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