Movies on Tablet

What Tablets Are Best For Movies?

Movies on Tablet

Common sense would suggest that tablets with bigger screens are the best for movies, but you may want to consider buying a few accessories if you are planning to watch movies on your tablet. There are some very good (albeit expensive) stands that you can use with your tablet. Some are long and flexible enough so that you can stand them beside your double bed and have it bent over so that it hovers over the center of the bed. It is also a good idea to buy additional speakers for your tablet, because the speakers on many tablets are good, but are not up to the task of blasting out the sounds we are so used to hearing when we watch movies on our desktop computers or on our televisions.

The iPad 4th Generation

It has been created by a company that seems to be getting more and more money hungry as the months go by, and yet their massive prices do sometimes guarantee a good viewing experience. Statistics have shown that devices such as the iPad 4 are three to four times more expensive than they should be – where even if their build quality is 2 times better than its leading competitor is, then it is still massively overpriced.

However, despite its faults with its pricing and money grabbing, it will give you a very good movie watching experience. True it will not compare to watching the movie on a TV or on a desktop computer, but compared to other tablet devices it seems that the iPad 4 is the winner.

The iPad 4 has the required performance needed to fluidly show a movie, and has the relevant app support already installed. If you are downloading videos instead of streaming them then you will find a massive range of apps available for you to download so that you may watch the movie file of your choice (some apps do require payment or subscription, but the same is true for Windows and the Android OS).

The Google’s Nexus 7

For the price of this tablet, it is surprising that more people are not throwing away their old iPads and upgrading to the Google Nexus. Sure, it does not compare favorably to the iPad 4, but it is only a fraction of the price of an iPad 4. The Google Nexus 7 is two fifths of the price of an iPad 4. You could buy 2.5 Google Nexus 7 tablets for the price of one iPad 4.

It is a smaller device but has a 1280 x 800 HD display, which is simply ideal for watching videos, and is only 340g if you are planning on holding it whilst you watch your movie. The only problem is that if you are a movie downloader then you will be disappointed, since the device’s storage is not expandable. And since you may wish to also download apps and music, it is going to leave you little space to set up and cultivate your own little video library.

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